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Writing across the Curriculum

Review of Writing Workshop and Terminology

Trevor Nottingham

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Writing across the Curriculum

Literacy in History, Science
& Technical Subjects Writing Across the Curriculum "Establish and maintain a formal style and objective tone." "Organize ideas, concepts, and information..." "Use appropriate and varied transitions to create cohesion..." Writing across the Curriculum "...planning, revising, editing, rewriting..." Short Answer Essays Graphic Organizers Quick-Writes/Warm-ups Sentence Frames Publish to prove understanding Six Traits + 1 Jane Shaffer Integration of transitions & academic vocabulary Use of the Writing Process Support & Argument Paragraphs Academic Vocabulary Word Choice Ideas & Content Organization Voice Sentence Fluency Conventions Presentation Clear & Focused with relevant details that enrich the central theme. The writer speaks directly to the reader
in a way that is compelling & engaging Words are powerful, engaging & convey intended message Showcases the central theme or idea with an introduction, body, and conclusion Enhances the reader's ability to understand and connect with the message. Sentences have an easy flow, rhythm & cadence with varied sentence structures The writer utilizes standard writing
conventions of spelling, grammar,
punctuation, etc What we
must do What we
already do Support and Argument Essay for American History

I. Reasons for American Involvement in WWII
a. "There are three main reasons why America joined
the Allies in WWII."
b. Pressure from Europe, Conflict with aggressive,
rival powers
c. The Great Depression and the need for production,
II. The Great Depression - background, Stock Market, etc
a. FDR and the "New Deal"
b. Lend-Lease, Allied support
III. Conflict with aggressive rivals
a. Facism in Europe
b. Imperialism in Asia
c. Communism rears its ugly head
V. Conclusion - Three separate factors caused America's involvement in WWII
b. American Involvement in WWII Intro Body 2 Body 1 Conc. Three reasons Europe Communism Fascism Great Depression FDR

Deal" Stock market crash
1928? 30? Imperialism

Axis Powers
World Domination Introduction Conclusion Body How we continue
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