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Logika and You

Logika International: because work shouldn't suck.

Arin Anderson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Logika and You

because work shouldn't suck Work: The Black Hole How Logika can help turn the beat around Logika will become your partner in vision, discovery, and success. But first, you have to Are You Ready? The Logika Framework Logika is focused on developing who you are—as a leader and as a company. We believe that organizations must figure out who they are before they can decide what they do. to affect change? Things don't have to suck. Contact Me:
Joe Albano, Phd.
1 317 855 0132
www.logika-usa.com Someone is taking advantage of me.
I hate being told what to do.
I am not appreciated or undervalued.
I have no growth opportunities.
My work is not meaningful
I have no direction.
I'm overwhelmed.
One word: Micromanagement.
I never get any constructive feedback.
My company plays favorites.
Our business model is dated.
I'm just set up for failure. Sound familiar? Maybe some of these thoughts are plaguing your employees As a business owner you are faced with thousands of decisions to make and hundreds of people willing to help you make those decisions: to solve the “problems” of management and business. But your business is not a problem to be solved, it is a set of possibilities to be nurtured and explored. The problem with most point solutions is that they overcome the obstacle but do little to enhance the journey. The key to success is to know which path to be on and which obstacles to overcome. Align Agree what we are working on and how we work together. Discover Gather data from multiple perspectives to gain as accurate a picture as possible of the current situation, resources available, constraints, and other factors. Plan Develop specific and detailed action plan for addressing scope of work identified. Realize Transition Execute and adjust the plan to achieve stated and emerging outcomes. Develop and put in place support mechanisms to prevent backsliding when focus is coaching moves to a new area. Growing Pains? "I quickly learned that the best way to get your business off the ground is by rolling back your sleeves and doing the hard work yourself. What took me a lot longer to realize is that to grow beyond that point, the most important thing you can do is to fire yourself. If you don't, you'll cruise along with slow growth and have little impact. So go ahead and fire yourself from that initial skill role by finding someone else. Then use the free time to think about what will really move the needle in the next phase of your business."—Joel Gascoigne, founder of Buffer and grow? Stagnant business? Employee motivation issues? Leadership challenges?
Work sucks! Or maybe these are plaguing you: The road to success takes a detour
No one else sees your vision as clearly as you
You can’t have the conversation everyone knows you need
It’s easier to be right than to be useful
The technology works, but it confuses everyone
You figure out your market, then it changes
Your mission doesn’t motivate anyone
Work that used to be fun isn’t even interesting anymore
The people who are supposed to be working with you just don’t get it
Transparency turns into rose colored glasses
A promotion means you don’t get to do the work that made you successful enough to get promoted
Leadership changes their mind and you have no idea why
Your comfortable workplace merges with a giant
Two words: New Regulations

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