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The 1993 Storm of the Century

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veda vn

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of The 1993 Storm of the Century

The 1993 Storm of the Century
The Storm of the Century is the biggest and most intense storm in the twentieth century. It stretched across the Atlantic Coast of the USA. The storm was actually made up of several different storms. The most known storm in these storms is the blizzard. The storm started on March 12,1993 and ended on March 15,1993.
The Storm of the Century started out as a regular storm. Then with the Gulf of Mexico as its source of energy the storm grew rapidly. It actually stretched from Canada all the way to Cuba!
The Storm took place from March 12-15 of 1993.During the the storm there was a massive snow storm. Many people in the south were not very prepared for a snowstorm since they rarely ever get snow in the southern part of the US .27 tornadoes and an 11 foot storm surge hit Florida. A storm surge is an unnaturally high rise of water or tide. Some places got 6-10 feet of snow .There were many other catastrophes.
The storm ended on March 15 ,1993.The Storm of the Century caused $9 billion of damage .There were about 300 deaths. .
The Storm of the Century started as a normal tropical storm but with the help of the polar,subtropical & pacific jet streams and the Gulf of Mexico. A jet stream is a strip of wind up in the atmosphere that pushes different amounts of wind to different areas. The 3 jet streams combined made a jet stream with the power of 170 miles per hour.
The Day Before the Storm
The Days of the Storm
After The Storm
The Science Behind it All
Tornadoes also struck in Florida. Tornadoes are made when hot air rising and cold air coming down combine and make a funnel shape that starts sucking things off the ground and releasing them from the top of the tornado. 27 tornadoes altogether struck Florida and killed 4 people.
The storm was formed like a hurricane. Most hurricanes are formed near the equator in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Ocean. When hot, humid and moist air rises up into the atmosphere and starts spiraling. Hot air keeps rising into the hurricane and air that cooled down comes down as rain. All hurricanes have what is called the eye of the hurricane,which is a place in the center of the hurricane that has calmer weather than the other parts of the hurricane. The Storm of the Century was rated a category 3 hurricane out of a scale of 5.
Jet Streams
The Blizzard
The 3 jet streams that combined to make the Storm of the Century blew winds up to 170 miles per hour. The storm blew a massive blizzard all over the USA Atlantic Coast. Many people were not prepared for this weather because for a lot of regions the weather that hit them wasn't local. People in some of the southern places got a few inches of snow in a few days. Snow isn't regional in the south like it is in the north.
Syracuse got 49.3 inches of snow during the Storm of the Century.
This is the storm surge that hit Florida.
Preparation is very important during natural disasters. Most of the time preparation will save many lives. You should have some preparation kits to keep safe if you ever come, you will be prepared.
The Blizzard
To prepare for a blizzard or snow will require many supplies. You will need flashlights and extra batteries in case there is a power outage. A battery-powered, portable radio will be needed to listen to the news during a power outage. Keep a first aid kit, bottled water, canned (no heating required) food, a manual can opener, and extra supplies such as extra medicine, clothes, and baby supplies in case of any emergency. You should always have some kind of heating fuel and a back up heating source like a fire place in case your heating system fails. Have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher in case of a fire. Of course have a cell phone for contacting someone and heavy blankets to have if you're cold. People in all different parts of the country should store these things in case of a blizzard or snow.
The first thing you should do to prepare for a tornado is to go into your basement/cellar or into a room or place with no windows(preferably the first floor) . You should bring or store(in the cellar or at a place with no windows or glass ) all the essential supplies:
A first aid kit in case of a emergency.
A battery powered radio to listen to emergency news.
Flashlights and extra batteries in case of a power outage.
Canned food that doesn't need to be heated & can last a few days and manual can opener in case if anyone got hungry.
Water(a gallon for every person and enough gallons to last them 3 days) to quench thirst.
Medicines and other supplies needed by family members such as baby formula and diapers.
Important documents and items such as birth records and price-less jewelery.
You should avoid being in cars or mobile homes during a tornado so you don't get lifted by the tornado. You should know your state's or county's tornado siren or signal to know when a tornado strikes. Every person should have a tornado kit wherever you are because you never know when a tornado might strike.
Storm Surge
If you live in an area where storm surges can occur you should follow the following safety precaution:
You should check that your house can't flood easily. If it does you should get it fixed as fast as you can.
Sandbags can be used as a good blocking material during a flood.
You should be able to turn of all appliances, gas, and electricity in case the district wants you to turn them off.
All ways keep an emergency kit with all the basic supplies close at hand.
The supply kit should have flashlights; batteries; a battery operated radio; high energy and dry food that doesn't spoil easily;and water for everyone in the family and a first aid kit.Don't forget any medications that you need.
Make sure the emergency kit is portable in case you need to evacuate the house.
If you are in a house during a storm surge you should go to the highest floor of the house and avoid being near windows. Make sure you have an evacuation plan and all your emergency supplies if you ever need to evacuate the house.
The Storm of the Century was one of the the biggest storms in the twentieth century. It caused billion of dollars of damage and about 300 deaths. Storm surges, blizzards, and tornadoes swept through a lot of the USA's Atlantic Coast area. The Storm of the Century took a great toll in world history. It was one of the top 10 most destructive storms through the last century world wide.
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