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Warnier Orr Diagrams

No description

Yurika Sato

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Warnier Orr Diagrams

Warnier-Orr Diagram
-Orr DiagramsWarnier
Developed in the early 1970s by Jean-Dominique Warnier and extended to system design by Ken Orr
They can show a data structure or a logical structure at a glance
Not as well known as other methodologies
or tools
Constructs On Warnier-Orr Diagrams
Used to describe a data structure, a set of detailed program logic or complete program structure.
show the processes and sequences in which they are performed
Putting It All Together
The example diagram below shows how the constructs can be used together
Because only a limited number of symbols are required, specialized software is unnecessary and diagrams can be created quickly by hand
The basic elements of the technique are easy to learn and easy to explain
There are relatively few software tools to create
and/or maintain Warnier-Orr diagrams
There are relatively few systems analysts
or information system consultants
who are proficient with them
Brackets - enclose the members of a set of logically related items
-separate each hierarchical level
-represents the breakdown of the item name
Sequence - represents the ordering of items in a set by listing them one below another inside a bracket
Alternation/Selection - used to represent mutually exclusive items
- may be used with the EXCLUSIVE OR notation, represented by a or the INCLUSIVE OR notation, represented by a +.
Repetiton - used to show that something occurs repeatedly. The number of times an item is repeated is written in parentheses below the item name
Concurrency - statements that occur at the same time

Understanding a Diagram
Warnier-Orr diagrams consists of:
Statements - simply state what you are diagramming
Statement Expansions - is a level of breakdown. It reveals what something consists of.
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