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Size of the Hotel

No description

Brian Wang

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Size of the Hotel

Working conditions
Day shift: 7am--3pm
Afternoon: 3pm--11pm
Night: 11pm--7am (most people don't like/hard)
Employees comments
Working Requirement
Size of the Hotel
The bigger the hotel is, the more opportunities there are for internships
the size of Sheraton & Marriott
Triad Business Journal:

Sheraton(990) > Marriott(315)
in front desk
Marriott: give Night
Sheraton: more options
work in Sheraton:
good salary/benefits
friendly coworkers
nice boss
free lunch
work in Marriott:
rough/long hours
not supported by manager
got low pay
never know schedule ahead of time
customer oriented
organized skills
good team player
multiple tasks/front desk software
high school education
one year hotel experience
evening/weekend shift required
in front desk
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