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Controlling Stress and Mental Illness

No description

Rohey Jobe

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of Controlling Stress and Mental Illness

Controlling stress and mental illness
Professors should be required to inform students of these resources at the beginning of the semester, during midterm week, and finals week.
How many of you feel stressed?
George Mason University should help promote well being and resilience among students, while also implementing mental health resources and support
Our Solutions
Counseling centers should extend their hours in the psychological services department, as well as an increase in peer health educators availability
In a study done by bestcolleges.org they say that 80% of college students are at risk to be overstressed and develop a mental illness
Now, how do we reduce stress in college students?
At these counseling centers, there should be meetings that may last longer than one hour that students can go to to discuss their problems and receive help from professionals.
There should be a number of advisers that students can meet with to help balance school and social life; similar to how student athletes are required to attend study hall hours each week.
Have a required one credit class as part of the Mason Core that teaches students how to deal with the stress that they may have, as well as time management skills.
Resources that may help
This level of stress that college students experience leads to mental illness and reduced academic success. Because of this we believe that -
Peter Gray from Psychology Today reinforced that the increase of students’ inability to handle every day struggles and being less resilient is a nationwide problem (Gray, 2015).
According to chair of the department of psychiatry at Wright State University, Jerald Kay, “Mental health disorders are the most common health problems on college campuses outside of colds and allergies,”(Howard, 2014)

The stress of college students is degrading their academic success as well as developing mental illness
We think the GMU should:
Extend counseling hours
Require teachers to mention GMU's psychological services around testing times
Require a class that helps students to understand stress and deal with it better

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