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No description

Kirrily Foley

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Abraham

Isaac did grow up and eventually needed a wife. Abraham was concerned that Isaac married the right woman. God provided Rebekah for Isaac who, despite being unable to have children, eventually gave birth to twin boys.
Esau was older but Jacob tricked Esau out of his birth right by trading it for a bowl of stew. Later Esau was to receive a blessing from his father but again Jacob tricked Isaac by pretending to be Esau and stole his blessing.
Esau was mad but
eventually the two
reunited as
Abraham and the covenant
Genesis 12:1-3
God made Abraham a promise
In return, Abraham had to obey God
This was the beginning of the covenant
between God and all the Jewish people today

Abraham's children
Abraham and Isaac
Sacrificing Isaac
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Esau
Jacob, Leah and Rachel
The 12 tribes
Jacob's children
Joseph and the coat
God keeps His promises
* Land of his own (Israel)
* More descendants than the stars
* Blessing for the whole world through his family
Hagar - Ishmael

Sarah - Isaaac
Jacob went to work for an uncle who had 2 daughters - Leah and Rachel. Jacob fell in love with Rachel and made a deal to work 7 years for her father so he could then marry her. However, on his wedding day he was tricked into marrying Leah instead. He worked another 7 years for Rachel and then was able to marry her as well. True love!
Through all the trials, God kept His promises to Abraham. He made a covenant with the three Patriarchs and established a chosen people - the Israelites. The twelves sons became the tweleve tribes of Israel and they grew into a mighty nation, living in Egypt for the 400 years.
Your Task
Design a family tree for Abraham. It needs to include all the wives and children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You should also include some pictures that show some of the key events that happened during the lives of the three Patriarchs.
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