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Stuart Downing

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Cyberbulling

Examples of social media
Cyberbullying is when someone is bulling you or someone else online. Cyberbullying is becoming a major problem. Especialy among children and teenagers.
What is cyberbullying?
The consequences of cyberbullying can be people only getting hurt emotional. But, sometimes cyberbullying can be taken a step further and could end in death. Many teenagers have committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying.
"What could happen if I`m not careful?"
When you talk or follow someone, make sure that your child knows who the person is. Just because it says that the profile belongs to a 14 year old girl doesn't mean that it does.
Don't talk to people you don't know. Likewise don't meet up with people who you have met online.
Make sure that you know the person in real life.
2. Who you talk to and befriend
In extreme cases many grown ups pose as a child or as teenagers, act as a shoulder to cry on, ask to meet in person and sometimes kill the victim or do even worse things.
An extreme case?
How your child can be safe online and the consequences if they aren`t.
Of course this doesn't always happen. Many cases are more 'mild'. Here are a few steps your child can use to prevent cyberbullying.
What should I do?
1. Profile Picture And Profile Name
Make sure that your child's picture

on their profile. Instead you could use an avatar.
Also make sure that your child's profile has a fake name or a made up name.
Check that their is no personal information on your child's account.
Before you send a text, think if your message will hurt the person.
Before you post a photo remember that once it's online you can't get it back.
Think before you do.
By Ella Su Kose and Seeta Alassaf
So... BE SAFE ONLINE!!!!!!!!!
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