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Humanities Networked Infrastructure -Huni-

No description

Leanne Foley

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Humanities Networked Infrastructure -Huni-

Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNi) is an Australian virtual library that combines data from cultural Australian websites.
You can search the database by the following categories;
On the tech side of things
The HuNi lab is constructed using Open source components.
My thoughts
It allows anyone to collaborate without borders

One downside is that it is only on Australia

This idea should be spread across the world

It also represents all cultural websites without looking at race, sexuality, gender etc.
What HuNi does
Humanities Networked Infrastructure -Huni-
It's data covers all disciplines and this helped to make it become the biggest Humanities and creative arts database ever in Australia.
HuNi combines works across many disciplines of all people regardless of gender, colour or sexuality.
Unites and unlocks data
These categories are then joined by users to create collections
Collections can be public or private
They can be shared through social media
Collections are given as an interactive mind map
The HuNi lab is made of four main components
This allows us to use free software to collaborate
This also allows others to join together for this project many intellectual views to be represented
There are many collections that deal with important issues such as discrimination
Data collected by HuNi
You can do many things with the data you collect on HuNi, such as;
virtual collections (They can be set to public or private)
your finding across social media
new links in collections that others may have missed
collections by other people
Search and
through categories
Feel free to ask any me any questions

Go to HuNi's website at www.huni.net.au

Tweet me @Leanne__foley
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