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maylin chuong

on 10 January 2011

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Transcript of Hurricanes!!

All about HURRICANES Do you know what a hurricane is? a hurricane is a giant whirling wind combined with heavy rain. Hurricanes spin by the earth's rotation, in the southern part of the world Hurricanes spin in a clockwise direction while in the northern side it spins in a counter clockwise direction. damages by hurricanes are really bad because it's so strong that it could wipe out an entire forest that could have ton's of lumber, enough to build about 300,000 houses. for a hurricane to form you need the right temperature in the ocean because a hurricane forms over the ocean
you also need the depth in ocean level too

to form a hurricane the ocean temperature
has to be over 27'C and at tropical oceans
there is warm water and is very deep and for a
hurricane to form then the depth of the
warm water must be about 200 feet below.
now you know what a hurricane needs to form. where and when
does a hurricane
form? How does a hurricane take it's shape? What does a hurricane need to form? What can a hurricanes damage do? for a hurricane to take shape the air has to be heated by the warm water which causes water vapour to form then the moist air mixes with the cool air then condences to make clouds.the rising cloud then leaves a center in the hurricane where the pressure is low then air flow into the center creating strong winds along the eyewall making the hurricane take it's shape. now you know how a hurricane is born. hurricanes usually occur in the Atlantic in the months before June and After November which is mid Augest because during those months there is just the right ocean temperature and there is lot's of moist air for a hurricane to form and hurricanes only appear on tropical oceans and areas. Now you know where and when hurricanes can form. one time in 1998 in the Carribean Sea
there was a hurricane..... this is a video of
how hurricane mitch formed. hurricane mitches desruction... Now you know everything about a hurricane. Thanks for watching!:)
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