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Emerging Technology

No description

Rinda Allen

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Emerging Technology

Rinda Allen
Gabrielle Bishop
Jeremy Doster What is a
SMART Board? What can I do with a
SMART Board? SMART Board
Apple iPad
Smartphone Emerging Technology Why use a SMART Board? Learning Styles
Walke's Web
Walke's Web
Harlem Shake
Engages Students
Firecracker iPad School Benefits of
the iPad In The Classroom Equal learning platform Student Use Rinda Allen's References Smart Notebook 11 Activity Builder [Video file]. Retrieved from

Letter Sounds with Starfall: Using the SMART Board during Shared Reading [Video
file]. Retrieved from www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoMxpqKqomQ

WikiPedia The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from

Harlem Shake (Scooby Doo) [Video file]. Retrieved from
www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_hPQ8oHRHw Use of fingers to write
Dragging on the board
Interactive websites
Pens change colors
Shade screen
Save work for later use
Erase or new page button Cut Paper Costs by: iPad Apps For the Classroom Teacher Use A SMART board is an interactive tool which can be used in a classroom.
The parts consist of:
White board
Color pens

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Board - Less time at the copy/print machine will allow more time for teaching - With a tablet, a world of knowledge can be accessed at your fingertips - Students learn at different paces. With a tablet, students that need more help can access the virtual teacher at any time. A Student's Lifestyle Be Engaged Special Needs Confidence Improve the Teaching Process Access to Links: Kindergarten SMART Board Sites (Many links)
PBS Kids
You Tube
IXL What is the down side of
using a SMART Board? Power/Computer Outages (Must have
a back up plan)
Teachers do not have a lot of time to
play around with it to learn.
Finger or marker must make
connection or it will not make the
Substitute teachers will suffer. Emerging Smartphone Technology useful in Education What is a smartphone Portability - The iPad has a battery life of 8-10 hours. It is much lighter than any laptop, which allows teachers to move more freely in the classroom Convenience Assist Special Needs Improve Presentations Take Virtual Field Trips - Students can experience the world without leaving the classroom - when using one the many presentation apps offered by Apple, teachers are sure to keep their student's attention during lessons Save Time Stay Connected - Share lessons with your fellow teachers - Many apps are available for teaching students with special needs - Show math proccesses, not just answers - Using digital texbooks - Taking tests with the iPad Aid Teachers Aid Students - doing homework with the iPad - The iPad makes the lives of teachers easier by offering many things a teacher needs at their fingertips Aid Administrators - The iPad will capture students attention and make learning a breeze - With the iPad, administrators can stay connected with co-workers, manage school web pages, and keep up with school/community events Things to keep in mind. The iPad is a tablet that was designed and created by Apple. It houses internet capability, applications, and just about anything anyone could think of. The ipad is for everyone. - The iPad will engage the disengaged student with ease - The iPad will easily fit into the life of a student. The iPad can go anywhere - extra practice on an iPad will give students an extra confidence boost to move further in learning - iPads have been a key part in assisting students with special needs Keynote Motion Math Zoom Dropbox Molecules Sky Orb - Teachers can use Keynote during a lecture to give extra visual aids - Dropbox is a cloud system that allows teachers to save and share files with ease - This app offers a three-dimensional look at molecules. - Sky Orb offers a three-dimensional look at planets. - Motion Math Zoom is a top rated math app for students Gabrielle Bishop's References What we have come to believe about cell phones in school. Integrating Smartphones into Education Who does it benefit
and why? 1. technology

2. the availability of

3. tips to keep up with
technology Jeremy Doster's References Cited Links
Ormiston, Meg, How To Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools. Teachhub.com. retr. 3/27/13 http://www.teachhub.com/how-use-cell-phones-learning-tools
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The Connected Classroom. The 21st Century Classroom http://theconnectedclassroom.wikispaces.com/Classroom
youtube video Did you know 2012 Android

Apple Iphone

Windows phone 1. Myths about teens and cell

2. Myths about mobile learning Benefits of tablets in classroom learning. (2013, January). Mobicip. Retrieved from http://content.mobicip.com/content/benefits-tablets-classroom-learning Educators evaluate learning benefits of ipad. (2011, June 15). Education Week. Retrieved from http://www.edweek.org/dd/articles/2011/06/15/03mobile.h04.html?cmp=ENL-DD-MOSTPOP Fitzgerald, C. (2011, September 27). 10 big benefits of using ipads in schools. Scientific Learning. Retrieved from http://www.scilearn.com/blog/using-ipads-in-schools.php Miller, S. 20 amazing ipad apps for education. Teach Hub. Retrieved from http://www.teachhub.com/20-amazing-ipad-apps-educators Savenije, D. (2012, October 31). 18 ipad uses: How classrooms are benefiting from apple's tablets. Education Dive. Retrieved from http://www.educationdive.com/news/18-ipad-uses-how-classrooms-are-benefiting-from-apples-tablets/68569/The 55 best free education apps for ipad. (2013, March 03). Teach Thought. Retrieved from http://www.teachthought.com/apps-2/the-55-best-best-free-education-apps-for-ipad/ Screen Chomp - Screen chomp acts as a white board for students. This app is a great homework helper. What is ScreenChomp? The iPad app to Record. Sketch. Share! [Video File]. Retreived from Walke's Web- Jefferson County Schools, TN. Retrieved from
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