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The Green Library

No description

Dennis Everette

on 19 July 2017

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Transcript of The Green Library

Recycle and provide recycling bags from our local Sanitary District.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Green Committee researches and recommends ways that MPL can reduce waste, become more sustainable and encourage eco-friendliness.
100 Things a library can do to be more environmentally-forward.
"We aren't trying to save the world here" - d.e.
"That sounds like a committee"
Suppliers of information.
We have the right answers, or at least, we're supposed to.
People trust us for truth and facts.
The Library is a role model & pillar of the community
The Green Library
Mission of Green Committee:
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Solar Car Port - a Solar Uniting Neighbors grant funded project provides clean renewable energy for the library.
Community garden, started in 2003 to provide access to fresh produce to local residents.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Questions? Contact us:

Dennis Everette

Sara McKinley
Developing Greener
Habits at Work
Print only what you need to print.
Re-use the back side of old documents as scrap paper.
Turn lights off in rooms when not needed.
Carpool to meetings and events.
Purchase refillable supplies instead of disposable.
Use eco-friendly cleaning products when possible.

Partnerships, Grants
Partner with community organizations.
Offer programs from local experts, workshops, outreach.
Seek out and apply for grants.
Form a committee or task force to research and propose ideas.
Started by the United Nations in 1972.
Celebrated every June 5.
Stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. Promotes ways to improve the Earth's environment, such as conserving forests.
2017 Host Country: Canada
Theme: "Connecting People to Nature"
"What role does the library have in telling people how to best do things?"
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Community garden pavilion - a grant funded Gateway to Growing immersive learning project.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
FixIt bicycle repair stations help keep eco-friendly transport in working order.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Vampire energy devices to curb "Vampire energy" (aka "standby power") = electric power consumed/wasted by electronic devices when turned off but still plugged in.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Bat boxes donated by local Boy Scout troop - bats help us control insect population naturally.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Rain barrels provided by our local Sanitary District collect stormwater runoff from the roof when it rains - preventing stormwater from carrying pollutants to storm drains and eventually the river. Rainwater can be used in the garden.
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
In 2017 stopped providing single-use plastic bags. Partnered with Muncie Sanitary District to purchase and give away 5,000 reusable tote bags and kicked off the initiative with celebrations and activities on World Environment Day (June 5).
What has MPL done
to "Go Green"?
Purchased a "ProtoCycler" from ReDeTec - new device that recycles and reclaims plastic materials for 3-D printers.
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