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Of Beetles & Angels

No description

Mat Del Mundo

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Of Beetles & Angels

Of Beetles & Angels Summary This story is about a man’s notable journey from a refugee camp to Harvard. After leaving Sudan with his family to seek safety from war, Mawi Asgedom realizes that there is a world of chances in America. There, he overcomes challenges of racial prejudice, practices American traditions, and is given many bright opportunities as he grows up. Through encouragement and great work ethic, Mawi earns the experience of living the American dream. MAWI ASGEDOM Text Structure Of Beetles & Angels is written in a cause-and-effect text structure. The author shares his story using events leading to another.
In the book, Mawi and his family were living in a refugee camp located in Sudan. War had been occuring in Sudan for a very long time. Being fed up with this and seeking safety, Mawi and his family travel to America and settle there.
The "cause" for Mawi and his family to travel to America is that they were wanting to avoid the war in their country and were seeking safety.
Author's Purpose I believe that the author's pupose for writing this memoir was to encourage readers to take charge in their dreams. Mawi informs readers of him being an example for this purpose because he maintained a great work ethic and never gave up in what he was reaching for: to get into a great college. Once people had heard of him, many colleges started offering him scholarships. One scholarship had caught his eye: a full-tution scholarship from Harvard. Theme I believe that the theme for this memoir is "always remember where you came from". This theme was the advice that Mawi's mother had given him right before he when to Harvard. I believe that this theme means that you should never forget who you really are/were no matter what happens because a metamorphis may occur in you when you least expect it to happen. Something I Learned... After reading this memoir, I learned that you take charge in your dreams. Mawi explains that he longed to get into a great college, and to have a very successful career in the future. These thoughts encouraged him to do whatever it took to get into a great college, such as taking advanced classes all through high school, treat people respectfully, and having good work ethic. Doing all this led him into have multiple scholarships being offered to him, such as the full-tuition scholarship from Harvard.
Just like what Mawi did, taking charge in your own dreams will help you become successful. "Years later, in the comfort of the United States, my mother gave me another piece of advice, this one less obvious. "Always remember where you came from," she told me just before I left for Harvard."
(page 137) Aha! Moment "I almost abondoned my dreams of becoming a a top student and earning a scholarship. But I loved my family too much to give up. And I knew that my brother Tewolde never would have given up. I knew that the way to honor him best was to take myself even higher. Not just as a student, but as a human being who saw beauty in others.
So I decided that I would always keep my brother in my heart. I turned to God for strength and started to work even harder. I aced my finals and maintained my straight A's." Life-changing Event The life-changi Mawi had realized that he should not give on his dreams. He loved his family way too much to give up. He wanted to make them all proud. He knew that the only way to do that was too earn a scholarship.
To reach his dream, Mawi's family had supported him as he worked harder and harder. Mawi knew that he was on the right track when he aced his high-school finals and maintained straight A's. The event that seemed to change Mawi's life was when he and his family had moved to America. Mawi had to overcome challenges of racial prejudice, language barriers, and financial disadvantage to build a fulfilling successful life for himself in his new home. "The day came when my parents had had enough. War at home. War in Sudan. My parents wanted peace, and they were ready to go."
(page 11) "So it was that my father started talking about a paradise called "Amerikha", a distant land where everyone had a future. He told us that money grew on trees in "Amerikha". Everyone was rich. Everyone had a home. Everyone had food. And everyone had peace."
(page 11) Prezi made by Mat Del Mundo:) Emotions One emotion that I can connect to is sadness. In the book, mawi's older brother was killed by adrunk driver. Mawi then felt depressed for a period of time because he lost his best friend. Even though his brother had left for His kingdom, Mawi knew for a fact that he would never forget the memories they had together. What helps me understand these emotions is the event of my aunt dying; I was shocked torn, and I couldn not believe that she passed away all of a sudden. "Then I thought of myself, and of what the word "bro[ther]" means to me. . . .

It means a measuring stick,
A higher standard,
A heart that sees angels,
A lifelong inspiration.

It means God be with us . . .
And may we meet again."
(page 72) Another emotions that I can connect to to my book is triumph. Mawi was a very hard-working student. He studied for hours every night so that he could ace all his classes.

He did.

Then, as a senior, many colleges started offering great scholarships to him. Being given a full-tuition scholarship from Harvard left him feeling very proud of himself.

I can connect to the occuring emotions in this event because whenever I get an A for a class, I feel proud of myself. All of the long studyig and school work I didn paid off. "I graduated from Harvard one year ago and have since thought much about my parents' dream. By earning my scholarship and graduating, I have fulfilled it."
(page 134) kbye...
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