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CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T18 - Listen for Grace in the Pulpit

Click on the bottom right ARROW to proceed. Then, move your cursor at the bottom to MORE, click on Fullscreen, press ESC to exit Fullscreen mode . . .

Hartmut Scherer

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '16) T18 - Listen for Grace in the Pulpit

Part 3 Belong to His Body (fellowship)
Listen for Grace in the Pulpit (ch. 15)
Your Questions
- How can musicians or leaders make the experience of
corporate worship better?
Responses to a Survey
Write negative things you have thought about the act of preaching
The Climactic Grace
Explain why preaching, one of the many elements of corporate worship, is “the climactic grace.”
- God speaks to his people (pl.)
The Goal of Preaching
- to know and enjoy Jesus (Phil. 3:10)
Five Benefits of Faithful Preaching
1. To Forget Ourselves
2. To Fill Our Faith
(Romans 10:17; ongoing)
- true power for change is only in Jesus
Meeting the Real Jesus
(Timothy Keller)
Write negative things you have heard people say about the act of preaching
Use points from chapter 15 to write your response to the two stick figures above
- we simply receive with open ears and hearts
- we submit to his word
4. To Be Equipped
5. To Encounter Jesus
3. To Grow in Grace
(Isa. 55:10-11; no neutrality)
- our faith is strengthened and renewed in him
- only in him is our soul truly satisfied
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