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Idaho Batholith

No description

Tim Welch

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Idaho Batholith

IDAHO BATHOLITH ROCK tYPES & fORMATION fEATURES & fORMATION by: juliana Mckay & tim Welch batholith:
is a large emplacement of
igneous intrusive (a.k.a plutonic)
rock that forms from cooled
magma deep in the Earth's crust
bathos (depth) + lithos (rock) bitterroot Lobe Sawtooths, Stanley West Central Mountains, McCall Atlanta Lobe
Kaniksu Lobe (Costal Range Batholith) Selkirk Crest Low angle of subduction Plates Collide Kaniksu Lobe
(as seen from the Montana side of the border) Middle-Late
Cretaceous (http://geology.isu.edu/Digital_Geology_Idaho/Module6/mod6.htm) (http://geology.isu.edu/Digital_Geology_Idaho/Module6/mod6.htm)



Cretaceous Greenhouse Climate -volcanoes
-mantle plumes
-extensional plate tectonics
-increased rate of tectonics
-Tethys Sea
-low temperature gradient Reference: DeGrey, Laura, Myles Miller, and Paul Link. "Mesozoic Idaho Batholith." Digital Geology of Idaho. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 April, 2011. <http://geology.isu.edu/Digital_Geology_Idaho/Module6/mod6.htm>.
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