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Native Animals

No description

Liam Peters

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Native Animals

Native Animals
In France, many animals are native to the country. The habitats and animals are very diverse. I will be focusing on four of the main native animals of France.
Wild Boar are a species of wild pig native to the forests of France and surrounding Europe. Wild Boar have a relatively large and front end that leads into a smaller hind. They are very commonly hunted. They are hard to classify them because they can easily interbreed with the other species of wild boar. Their are 4 species of wild boar.
Wild Boar
Red Deer
French Animals
French Red deer inhabit the forested land which is there natural habitat. They are one of the largest mammals found and most of their historical predators like wolves and bears are now only found in isolated pockets. The females usually live in small herds and the males usually live alone or in pairs. They eat pine trees, brambles, fruit, grass, and young tree shoots. Red deer are hunted in France but their population is still on the increase in many areas.
The European badger is found in much of Europe. Its about 90cm long with a tail of 20cm long. Its body is dark grey-ish brown. it has white tips on its ears. They are an omnivorous creature and their main food source is earthworms. The badger is the largest wild carnivore in France.
The End!!
The only species of tortoise in France is the Hermann's Tortoise. They eat lugiminous plants. They have scales that are each a large bump coming out of the shell as if they were swollen. They are herbivorous and eat many types of grasses, weeds, leafy greens, flowers and some fruits. As adults the only biggest threat is fire and man.
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