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Algerian War (1954-1962)

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Kaitlyn Cardwell

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Algerian War (1954-1962)

Algerian War
(1954-1962) A nice presentation by
Kaitlyn Cardwell &
Natasha Sichling Brief Timeline The French gained control over Algeria back in 1830 and colonized it. The Algerian people decided that they wanted to be independent after being oppressed for so long. The Algerian FLN began guerrilla warfare to get free from the French. Eventually the French fought back. 1 2 3 & more.... Possible Results The French could try to negotiate with Algeria and make them half independent and half colony. The French could allow Algeria full independence, but that would mean losing their easy access to the Algerian goods. The French government (primarily Christian) tried to appease the Algerians by offering the Muslims (natives) full French citizenship. Very few actually applied. The FLN launched attacks in various parts of Algeria on November 1, 1954 against civilian and military targets. Both sides employed guerrilla warfare, decolonization warfare, and counter-terrorism. De Gaulle offered a new constitution to the people of Algeria and over 6 million voted for independence. Ben Bella took over the new country and the US (along with others) recognized it as an independent state. Torture was a major tactic in this war. Both sides utilized it, but mostly the Algerian forces went into villages. If the leaders or people did not support the French, they would be murdered or coerced into supporting them. The French still do not recognize that it was used, mainly because they don't want to be compared to Nazi Germany. Algeria became an independent state. Conclusion Algeria was put into the UN as the 109th member. End. Algeria is a country in Africa. The French government was fighting to keep its colony and the FLN (National Liberation Front) was fighting for independence De Gaulle was put in power of France on May 29, 1958. He went to Algeria with optimism that the Algerian people desperately needed. France has military bases in Algeria, even after independence. In recap: Key figures:
-FLN: fought against the French for freedom and liberation of Algeria.
-French Army: fought to keep their colony.
-Charles de Gaulle: gave Algeria their independence even though they lost the war.
-Ben Bella: first president of Algeria
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