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Abuse in hospital - Eloise and Nicole

No description

Steven Dampier

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Abuse in hospital - Eloise and Nicole

Abuse in Hospitals
Effects of abuse...
People that abuse make the victim feel:
Like it's not worth living

Next time you say something nasty or something you shouldn't...


Would you want to feel this way?
Over the past few months, verbal and physical abuse against hospital staff has rapidly increased. In 2012, figures showed that 20% of workers in the hospital were being abused. In 2015, this has dramatically staggered to 40% which is very concerning.
What is promoting and supporting individuals rights to dignity, independance and safety?
When working within a health and social care sector based environment is to ensure that each service user feels that they can trust you as the service provider. The service user must also feel respected and be given privacy if and when necessary, they will also depend on the service provider for a stable safety net and protection when necessary.
Abuse is when a person says something for a bad purpose or to have a bad effect on someone else.

It can also be when someone is treated with cruelty or voilence, especially if it is regular or repetitive.
Thank you for listening:)
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