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Federal Bullying Law

No description

Michelle Melendez

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Federal Bullying Law

Federal Bullying Laws An Explanation or summary of the law Who Enforces the Laws. One Example of the law The Penalities for violating the law Authors/collaborations Police ,Government And Citizen of the u.k. You can go to jail or prison depending on what law
was broken or how serious the offense was. Usually
you goto court and the judge will either give you bail, community and service, or sentence you to
jail/prison time. If somebody is telling you a word like your boss
he is breaking the law because you can't be telling people stuff. Michelle Melendez
Blanca Gomez
Rosemary Coronado States and municipalities are allowed to enact their own employment discrimination laws that include or expand the provisions in the Federal laws. For example, some states make it unlawful for employers to discriminate based on sexual orientation, smoking or weight, in addition to the discriminations that the Federal laws prohibit. Some states and municipalities refer to their employment discrimination laws as fair employment practices laws, and they are typically enforced by local equal employment opportunity offices or civil rights agencies. To research employment discrimination laws in your state, start with the links in State Labor and Employment Law.
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