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Woodrow Wilson School Demographics

No description

Sydney Beer

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Woodrow Wilson School Demographics

Woodrow Wilson School Demographics
By sydney beer and danika boone
woodrow wilson elementary school
Woodrow Wilson is a kindergarten through second grade elementary school. It is located in East Peoria, Illinois and has between 180-200 students. Woodrow Wilson was built approximately in 1954 and has grown into a wonderful elementary school.
More Demographics
Local Businesses
Household Income Levels
Woodrow Wilson School Programs
The Community
White - 88.8%
Black - 1.5%
Hispanic - 4.4%
Asian - 0%
American Indian - 0%
Two or More Races - 5.4%
Students with Disabilities - 24.4%
Teacher to Child ratio - 1:16
East Peoria Population - Approx. 23,400
East Peoria has many local businesses that have made the community thrive. Some of which include: Caterpillar and WEEK. The Levee District is also located here which provides Bass Pro Shop, Costco and Paradise Hotel.
District 86 is 50% low income with a median household income of around $56,000 per year. 80% of students in district 86 live in either trailer parks or apartment complexes. 50% of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch.
TITLE Program has about 6 children per class where they focus on specific skills that they struggle in. This program is considered tier 2 which is less intense than the RTI program which is tier 3. The RTI program has 6 children per grade and focuses more on intervention. Woodrow Wilson does not have any before or after school programs.
In the school, 17% of all students are learning disabled which is higher than the average in Illinois at 14%. We have noticed in our classroom (which includes three children with a learning disability) that the teachers strive to meet the needs of all of their students and make a special effort to assess the students individual needs one on one. The school has no ESL teacher because there are no students who need language accommodations.

After speaking with our CT, she shared how she views the community of Woodrow Wilson Elementary. She said she believes that the atmosphere is very welcoming and that the parents are very thankful and appreciative of the teachers and faculty. Because of how small the school is, we can tell that the faculty is very supportive and encouraging of one another.
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