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Outsourcing American Jobs: The position that economists are taking on the issue

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Sarah Bower

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Outsourcing American Jobs: The position that economists are taking on the issue

Positions Behind Outsourcing Many U.S. companies are outsourcing American jobs all over the world, many U.S. workers are getting angry about the outsourcing. No one is working together to fix the unemployment rates because they are too busy dwelling on the job loss or too busy covering their tracks so the U.S. consumer won't be mad at them. I believe that it is possible for the worker and the big business to come to an agreement; first it is important for both sides to be aware of the issues that the other side sees and both must be aware of the good that the opposing side brings. Cons of Outsourcing Unemployment in America is effected by jobs going overseas
Money is being spent to put jobs in other countries
Other countries economies are gaining on U.S.-outsourcing is leveling the playing field
Other side The government backs insourcing and workers have the advantage because of this support
Budgets are tight across the board and demands are strong; competing with countries means sending work to those places
Innovations in America are alternatives to jobs going overseas Rebuttal Growth rates of outsourcing are unlikely to return to pre-2008 rates
Businesses are responsible to act in ways that benefit the American consumer
Business subdue American workers by keeping them in fear of loosing their jobs. Pros of Insourcing A country that doesn't make things cannot sell it's own economy to any other country
Consumers like to hear a voice without accent when getting customer service and it is often a much smoother process when talking to someone who speaks proper English
Unemployment doesn't help the ecomony and U.S. workers do not reap the benefits that big businesses receive for sending work overseas Other side Work is being outsourced from other countries to the U.S. such as, Spain, the UK, and Austrialia
It is important to have employees in other countries when those are the people a business sells to
Money earned in other countries goes back into the U.S. economy Rebuttal Money is circulated into the economy, but doesn't necessarily go into the American workers pockets
Number of affiliates of U.S. multinational firms grew from 729,000 to 11.9 million in a two year period
The responsiblity falls on the business to act in ways that benefit America Outsourcing can only be beneficial if business matters call of it, otherwise it's only that party that gains from outsourcing. In the end the economy cannot be helped by outsourcing and the businesses that are trying to save money will loose money once middle class Americ has no money to spend on these companies.
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