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Classes That Matter

No description

Ben Hommerding

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Classes That Matter

Re-Imagining Education Create Classes That Matter
Creating Classes
That Matter
Ben Hommerding
Google+- +Benhommerding
Twitter: @bhommerding
Have Any of These Happened in Your Classroom?

Instructional Technologist at
St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI
Maybe We Should Be Hacking Our Schools
Meet Logan
He is a Hackschooler.
We can learn much from a 13 year old

My Response
Explore New Things
Solve Real World

Video Production
App Design
The Lynchpin Mind Set
20% Time/Genius Hour
Group Problem Solves
What Kind of Problems???
Rescheduling the High School
Creating Entirely New Courses
Like Video Production
Open Campus
The Future of Learning

Can be used to get into sports games for free
Check out equipment from library

Press Cards

20% Projects
Garden Wall
Dream Recorder
Automated Duck Decoys
Bringing Back CAPP
Bullying Presentations by Students
Support Groups for Students
Gen Ed Hanging with Sped Students
Creating New Courses
Auto Mechanics
3D Graphics Creation
High Speed Internet for the Community
App Building
Games Design
Making the School Greener
Creating a 3D Printer from Scatch
Improving ASVAB Scores
What are the Main Components of TIPS
It's Student Driven-
Their ideas mixed with mine
The problems they see in our school/community
It's Reflective-
Sharing and Constant Meaningful Feedback
It's Real-
Presentations are given to stakeholders
PSAs watched during lunch periods by students and sent to teachers/admins
Students work with staff/community members
Students must learn to ship their products
Students learn to think to the EDGES of the Box while Poking It!
Every Semester is Different
I'm a facilitator rather than an instructor
But, don't take my word for it!
Poke The Box
Bringing Speakers into our Schools to
Talk about Drug Abuse

Trying to increase our school's spirit!

Creating a new Club to Make Someone's Day

Creating an Automotive Program

Creating a peer tutoring service for students

Trying to solve the Homework issue

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