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Free to be Fully Alive

No description

Jamie Bautista

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Free to be Fully Alive

Opening Prayer
Spiritual Freedom
O God,
we ask you to help orient
all our actions by your inspirations,
carry them on by your gracious assistance,
that every prayer and work of ours
may always begin from you
and through you be happily ended.

Bible Reading
You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Galatians 5:13-14
Key Thinkers
St. Augustine
Rene Decartes
Erik Erikson
Lawrence Kohlberg
Focus your learning
What does it mean to say, "I am free"?
When someone says, "I am free," it means that as a human being, they have a conscience and the will to make their own choices.
How do we grow in personal freedom?
We grow in personal freedom when we are challenged to make hard and important decisions. We experience these times when we are going through a moral crisis.
How do we deal with our human limitations?
Humans are limited individually; however, when people get together for the common good they are able to get past these limitations to achieve good things.
Decartes described the self as a thinking or doubting "I". He said that the self is not a thing or an object, but it is a power or an energy. This discovery had both a negative and positive impact on Western society. It was negative because atheism was growing and individuals began to isolate themselves. For example - many people do not like to ask for help and would rather isolate themselves and try to deal with their problems on their own. This however had a positive impact because it protected people from authoritarian governments.
Closing Prayer
We thank You for your Word of truth,
Your never ending loving kindness and
Your patient, unfailing integrity to provide us the wisdom to bring us out of darkness and into the glorious light of Your Kingdom.

Thank you for reminding us of who we were designed to be and thank you for implanting seeds of leadership within us at creation to rise up to be the Kings and Priests and lead all to the destiny you intended for us.

We receive all your empowerment to walk in dominion authority and serve the Kingdom with honor and to your glory and majesty – in Jesus’ name,
Key Terms
autonomism -

the independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions
capacity -

the power or ability to act or to know
crisis -
opportunity or occasion for a crucial decision that can signify a change for either better or worse
freedom -
the state of being free and exempt for external control, inteference or regulation
licence -
disregard for norms governing behavior; irresponsible action
right -
an entitlement or a claim
object -
a thing, person or matter to which thought or action is directed
stages of development -
stages in our lives where we face crisis and we are free to overcome these challenges and move on to the next stage
subject -
the "self" that things, feels and acts
will -
the freedom and power of the self to choose, decide and act; it is deliberate control over thought and action

Inalienable human rights apply to all people. These may include the right to food and water, the right to free speech and the right to life, etc. Moral living has to do with the greater common good of all people. Both inalienable human rights and moral living are related to each other because to live morally, we must ensure that all human beings are being treated with dignity and respect. This means that they are getting what they are entitled to (necessities to life).
Chapter 10:
Free to be Fully Alive

A person's level of freedom is dependent on his or her development. This can be seen through Erik Erikson's cognitive developmental stage theory where he states that our personal growth is a result of our relationships with those around us. At different stages of our lives we face different challenges or crises and this helps to develop our sense of freedom. For example - at the stage of adolescence, parents and teachers are important in helping to guide teens in their decision making and to form a positive identity. This is an important stage in developing our freedom.
Access to water is a right because water is a necessity for life. The UN should declare access to water a human right. All human beings have the right to live their lives and if they are denied access to water then their lives would be at risk. Since water is essential to living, it would be wrong to deprive people from having it. By denying someone access to water we are basically condemning them to death. Water is an important symbol to the Catholic Church and they do believe that water should be declared a human right.
This is an oil painting by Jim Bates. Personal freedom is also about self expression. We have the freedom to be ourselves and the right to be comfortable with who we are. We should not have to worry about what other people think about us.
Students have the right have equal opportunities when participating in school activities
Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and should treat
Students have the right to learn in a safe environment when coming to school every day
Students have the right to bring valuable items such as cell phones for safety reasons; however, they must take responsibility for it if it is lost or stolen
Students have the right to voice their opinion; however, they must be cautious of what they are saying as to not offend those around them
Students are free to wear whatever they want on non-uniform days; however, they should be respective to themselves and those around them by dressing in an appropriate matter
1. Do you think that these victims are doing the right thing by talking about their experience? Why?
2. The first victim in the video said that she was taken when she attended an interview her friend set up for her. Do you think her friend knew what was going to happen? If yes, was she free?
3. The victims' rights to be treated with respect and dignity were taken away. How do you think you would feel if your rights were taken away?
4. Some people would say that people who participate in acts such as human trafficking are mentally ill. If they are mentally ill, are they still living freely? Would they still be held accountable for their actions?

This bible reading relates to chapter ten because it talks about freedom. We are being told not to abuse our freedom. Instead, we should use it to help one another and do good deeds. We should not be selfish or rude but be generous and treat others as we would like to be treated.
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