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Copy of Modern Fantasy Book Presentation

No description

Sarah S

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Modern Fantasy Book Presentation

MODERN FANTASY Modern Fantasy Fantasy helps children develop their imagination and is vital to child development
conceive alternate ways of life
entertain new ideas
create strange new worlds
dream dreams
Some stories fit in more than one category of fantasy Some of the favorites... Types of Fantasy Modern Folktales
also known as literary folktales
traditional tale with little character description, strong conflict, fast-moving plot with a sudden resolution, vague setting, and magical elements
Through the mind of one creato

Fractured Fairytale: contemporary twist Animal Fantasy Animals behave as human beings
Experience emotions, talk, ability to reason
interpret the animal in human terms without destroying the animal's integrity The World of Toys & Dolls Favorite objects or beloved toys come to life

Gives human characteristics to
toys and dolls

Appeal to children from prek through upper elementary grades Eccentric Characters & Preposterous Situations Unusual characters or strange situations
Where cars might fly, eggs might hatch into dinosaurs or dragons, ancient magical beings might interact with modern technology Extraordinary Worlds Starts in a world of reality, then moves quickly into a world where the everyday becomes extraordinary
Miniature worlds Supernatural Events and Mystery Common forms:

Magical Realism:
blend of fantasy and realism Suspense & the Supernatural This topic area we can mostly relate to the adult audience but it also captures the imagination of children
Ghost stories Historical Fantasy Time-Warp Fantasy

Allows the reader to visit the past, characters shift from their moment in the present to a point in the past
contrast between the two time periods
fully and authentically develop the historical setting, time and place Imaginary Realms/Quest Stories Imaginary realms are usually set in an imaginary society
Kings (King Arthur)
Fuedal societies
Middle Ages

Conflict: good vs evil

Quest Stories: adventure with a search motif
justice/love or a rich reward
High Fantasy- serious tone Science Fiction Imaginative literature about something that could happen based on real scientific facts and principles
Common Topics:
genetic engineering
mind control
artificial intelligence
space exploration
future political and social systems Example of word play
"scrambled noggin" Evaluating
Modern Fantasy Well-constructed plot & characters
Worthwhile theme
Appropriate style
Transition from realistic to fantasy
Unique setting: time and place What makes it believable? Strong setting with descriptive background
The use of appropriate language adds authenticity
Proof of real objects adds dimension to truth
Needs to have a logical story structure and consistency Religious
"Dangerous" to young readers
Children are not ready to traverse between imagination and reality Challenges to Modern Fantasy However..
Develops not only school readiness but also fosters creativity
Imagination is crucial to intellectual and social development Write down one of your favorite Modern Fantasy books.... What is the element of fantasy found in the book
What makes it real or believable for you?

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Animal Fantasy - talking animals
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