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Got Shoes: Jump High

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jaeci martin

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Got Shoes: Jump High

When I tested my hypothesis, I made sure I followed my procedures for each shoe. I chose a spot that had an over head beam that I could jump and touch. I chose a hard platform to jump as well as being fully rested bet
ween jumps.
I tested my Nike shoe first. This shoe is the one that has Eva Foam in the mid sole and air pockets for cusioning. In jump 1 my finger tips 7'1/8”. In jump 2 I touched 6' 11 1/2”, jump 3: 7' 1/8”, and jump 4: 6' 11 3/4”
. For an average jump height for Nkie was 83.9 an Asics was 83.8.

I think the reason why I jumped higher is because of the Eva Foam in the Nike shoe. What is Eva Foam? Ethylene vinyl, acetate (a.k.a. EVA) is one of the most commonly used cushioning products in sport shoes. It has qualities such as a shock absorption flexibility thermal insulation and water resistence. Eva foam is also used in many other products for cushioning in bicycle seats, fishing rods and reels, water skit boots, boxing and mixed martial arts gloves and helmets.
In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct in predicting that with Eva foam and air pockets like in the Nike shoe, you jump higher. If I were to experiment this project again, I would do a couple different things like standing still and jumping straight up, also I'd test different shoes to further compare other shoes.

In my research on "Shoes that make you jump higher?", this is what I found out and this is what different shoe makers are reporting. I researched two name brands for this science project; Nike and Asics. I came up with these questions and answers in my research.
Here are my questions:
What materials in the shoe can help you jump higher?
There is
rubber and air pockets in the heel, toe, and sole,
The design of the sole
(arches) is made to create lift as you walk, run and jump.
Eva foam
which they
put in the sole of the shoe, is manufactured for bounce and cushioning.
Cotton, polyester and synthetic leather adds comfort to walking, running and jumping.
Asics: High abrasion resistence rubber on the outer sole.
mid-sole has a spongy material called solyte and speva.
the mid-sole has a space trusstic arch
for added lift.
Asics uses a unique GEL in the heel and forefoot to reduce shock.
Reduced shock on the body uses less energy to move. Running becomes less tiring.
Which sport shoe claims to help you jump the highest?
The APL Concept shoe
* The Nike Kobe Zoom VI
* The Converse Wade 1

Nike and Asics both use this new technology like high abrasion resistance rubber, high absorption foam or gel, sole construction with space trusstic arches for added bounce & spring to your step.


If you want to jump higher, you'll need a shoe that has high abrasion resistent RUBBER SPONGY material in the mid sole, the space trusstic "ARCH" construction, GEL and or AIR cushioning and solid side construction for stability. According to my research I think that the Nike shoe will help me jump higher than the Asics shoe.
1. Locate a place that you can jump and touch an overhead wall to measure how high you jumped.
2. The surface that you jump from needs to be hard surface.
3. You need to be rested before testing each shoe. This is to make sure you tested the two shoes identically as much as possible.
4. When you jump you need to have ink on your fingers so that when you touch the wall, it'll leave a mark for you to measure.Use two ink colors.
5. The jumping test that I chose will not be a stand still and jump straight up test. I chose to do the 2 step, plant both feet together then jump.
6. First step with your left foot then right then plant both feet together then jump.
7. Then put on S1(Nike) and do 4 test jumpswith black ink on your finger.
8. Next put on S2(Asics)and do 4 test jumps with red ink on your finger.
9. Now measure the height of your finger prints after each shoe trial.
10. Then record data on data chart
Which shoe makes you jump higher?
Nike or Asics
1- Nike shoe
1- Asics shoe
1- cross section of a Nike shoe
1- cross section of a Asics shoe
This Presentation was completed by Jaeci Martin. Hope you enjoyed it.
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