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My Community Writing

No description

Bethany Soph

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of My Community Writing

Mountain View Marina Crime in the Community Time Limits Not allowing people in after a certain time would keep and prevent vandalism all together.
Nobody would enter after 10:00 PM.
Nobody could stay on houseboats at night.
Nobody would be allowed into the property until 6:00 AM
Camera's Monitoring People Allowed Inside Keeping a record at the gate of who comes in and out
All the boat owners and residents of Bear Paw could be given a sticker to put on their car, and then be allowed in.
If there is not a sticker on your car your license plate number is kept along with a copy of your driver’s license.

After conducting research, I discovered that installing cameras would be the most beneficial logical choice. It may be costly, but in the end you are preventing being responsible for paying damages. With time limits and keeping record of who enters the property it conflicts a lot with what certain people enjoy doing at the lake, but with camera's there will be nothing different about the activities going on within the community. All the cameras could be hooked up to a central monitor.
A 4 channel surveillance kit and monitor is around $630.
Buying the additional cameras would be $60 dollars apiece. A
$62 dollars per person.
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