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Presentation for Sept 28


on 12 January 2010

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Transcript of SCIS

Shanghai Community International School & Atlas Curriculum Mapping .: The 6 Big Ideas in Curriculum Mapping :. 1. knowledge transfer 2. integration 3. transparency 4. accountability 5. collaborative &
focused conversation 6. perspective progress smooth transitions seamless school community best instructional practice Are we developing 21st century skills? it is all about the conversation! to a community of learners! moving from isolation.... engaging students in what they do not know pair & share: which of the 6 big ideas resonated most with you?

what is one thing you hope to learn from today?

allows us to work across boundaries and integrate offers a critical examination of what needs to stay and change supports a process of continual improvement builds learning communities Reflect what is actually happening

Appropriate level of depth

Common formatting

Common language

Clear and concise for the reader

Interesting and relevant to student needs

Shows integration

Reflects curriculum strategies

Always evolving, never static
QUALITY MAPS... Atlas consultant: Meng Zhou

Headquatered in beautiful Portland, Oregon

Educational Technology Consulting firm

Atlas schools in 50 states and 100 different countries

excited to be partners with you in this process!! Rubicon International logging into Atlas:


initial password: opportunity showcasing all the great work that SCIS is doing! engages teachers in collaborative work Goals for today's session:
Review current unit map template
Comfort with navigating Atlas
Confidence in leading & sustaining process
Develop 1 quality unit of instruction
Build curriculum calendar
Quality Mapping Discussion
any others? :) what are our opportunities for integration? what does a horizontal scope & sequence look like? how about a vertical scope & sequence? where is measurement as a skill taught in our curriculum?
"A guaranteed and viable curriculum is the #1 school-level factor impacting on student achievement."

Robert Marzano
What Works in Schools
"Curriculum Mapping promotes significant transition into 21-century solutions to age-old problems of articulation and instruction. It is a new form of communication relying on software and the Web to foster immediate review by the individul teacher and by targeted clusters of K-12 teachers vertically across grade levels and departments.'"

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