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Family Violence Intervention

No description

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Family Violence Intervention

Commission of Inquiry into Family Violence NSW
Who is affected and how?
WOMEN - one in three women experience Family Violence

CHILDREN - Trauma of witnessing or being a victim of family violence

GIRLS - Gender inequality and community attitudes affect girls view of their own self worth and value in society

BOYS - Community attitudes of how a boy should behave, respect women/girls, parental influence can affect their future attitudes to women in society
Who is responsible and how?
MEN - It is the responsibility of all men to be part of the solution to ending
. Men can assist in changing the attitudes and behaviours towards women in our community. Men can tell other men to 'Pull Ya Head In' ( Sutherland Shire Campain)

THE COMMUNITY - The community needs to take action towards changing attitudes towards
, speak up and campaign for gender equality, respect for women, and promote a culture of non-violence.

THE GOVERNMENT - The government needs to prioritise funding and policies to protect women and children from
Australian Government Campaign aimed at parents, community attitudes and teaching children respect for women.
White Ribbon.org.au
Encouraging men to become involved in Stopping Violence against women
The Line organisation campaign aimed at teenagers, parents and teachers.
Ngukurr community Break the Silence Video
Current Primary Prevention Strategies aimed at Men and Boys
White Ribbon Organisation - Men standing up for VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

NRL - Sporting clubs providing education and awareness of FAMILY VIOLENCE

Education - Primary and High school education initiatives to teach RESPECT and teaches POSITIVE ATTITUDES towards girls/women

Community Development - Community becoming involved in SPEAKING OUT and promoting a CULTURE of NON-VIOLENCE

Government Campaigns - Bringing further awareness and discussion on LETS STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS

These strategies are limited, and do not come from a unified approach across all states and territories. Victoria as the leader for Prevention Programs.

Prevention strategies that have been identified as the most effective are - Community Strengthening and Development, Organisational and workforce development (Carmody, Salter and Presterudstuen, 2014).

Issues with limited funding as well as no commitment to ongoing funding by the Government has affected the ability for the providers to evaluate the success of their program successfully.

Short term programs are shown to be effective in change, however it is identified there needs to be an ability for continued involvement with providers and participants to allow for ongoing discussion on topic of Family violence.

Terms of Reference of the Commission of Inquiry on Family Violence in NSW
Education and Engagement- creating a community that supports respectful and meaningful relationships, practices positive attitudes and promotes a culture of non-violence

Early Intervention - policies and procedures that ensure that those who are at the greatest risk of violence are identified, to ensure that action is taken to protect those at risk of being subject to domestic and family violence and to modify the attitudes and behaviours of the perpetrators.
Cultural and Systemic Practices which perpetuate men and boys attitudes towards women
Community Influence

Parental influence

Global gender inequality

Cultural influence

Government Policies and Practices

Organisational Policies and Practices

Primary Prevention aims to prevent VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN before it occurs, through strategies, intervention and programs.

This Presentation will focus on intervention strategies aimed at Men and Boys to educate, involve and challenge the root of the issue of gender inequality in our society.

Australian Government (2016) recently released a new TV commercial campaign - RESPECT to get the community to think about how we raise our young boys to respect women.

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people are warned this video may contain images or voices of deceased people
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