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It depends on the type of verterinary work you do. Most ver

No description

Dalisae Alanis

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of It depends on the type of verterinary work you do. Most ver


A veterinarian treats/helps the animal when needed. When they don't know exactly what is wrong, they use clues to help them figure it out. For example: Looks, smells, or acts, walks, weight, heart beat, bones etc. They also give them medicine to treat them, but you have to be cautious on what you give them.
First & number one step
Start preparing as early as you can, like take all the courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics courses, & try to volunteer at an animal shelter or at Petco.
What is the Job about?
Working Conditions
The working conditions for a veterinarian depends on what type of animals you work with. Vets the work with domestic cats and dogs will work primarily indoors. The vets that work will large animals will likely need to travel to the places where they are.
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