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Key to Success

No description

sh se

on 16 August 2018

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Transcript of Key to Success

This makes you understand the concept so that you know what you are doing when a test is given out. This is the MOST IMPORTANT key.
Get Into RSI.
This is ESSENTIAL for success. This will help your application TREMENDOUSLY. But to get in, you have to work extra hard. They want you to have good PSAT/SAT scores. They want you to win competitions like Science Olympiad or math competitions. They should see that you have had success in the past.
Study Every Night Even Though a Test is not Announced
This ensures that you will be on top of your game so that when a test is announced, you are prepared. Cramming on the last week before a test is stupid. DON'T DO IT.
Take the Test, and Take it Well.
Make sure you are concentrated on the test and the test only. Don't get side tracked and just FOCUS. Double-check your work on every test to make sure you have answered all the questions and answered them right. Don't run out of time!!
Ace Tests and all Other Assignments
Get A's on everything you do, and you will raise your GPA. Remember- Higher GPA = Better College. You can only get a high GPA if you get good grades.
Take PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, etc.
Get a perfect score on these tests, and your college application will look GREAT.
Key to Success
Work Hard, Be Happy, and Have a Good Life!
And That is the Key to Success
Pay Attention in Class and Participate
Get Involved in Helpful Activities.
By this, I mean get involved in activities that will help your application. Don't overload on like 10 clubs and extra-curricular activities because it will be overwhelming and a waste of time if it has nothing to do with what you want to do when you are an adult. For instance, don't take yearbook club if you want to be a doctor because it has nothing to do with the medical field. Instead, Science Olympiad would be a good choice. Don't take more than three clubs because getting good grades is more important and clubs could interfere with your studying time.
Select and Apply to Colleges.
Pick around 3-4 ivys to apply to, 3 equally good schools that aren't ivys, 2-3 average backup schools, and 1-2 easily reachable schools. Examples of ivys are Harvard and Princeton. Examples of equally good, not-ivy schools are University of Chicago and John Hopkins. Examples of backup schools are University of Michigan and UCLA. Examples of easily reachable schools are Villanova and Purdue.
Do Well in College and Have a Good, Well-Paying, Dream Job
Follow frames 2-4 for the college part. For the job part, just do what you love!
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