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No description

Chau Nguyen

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of BP


Background of the BP
BP's industry
Scope and reasons for international operations
Strategic goals and choice of entry modes
Alternative market entry modes
Problems and challenges associated with different entering options in different locations
BP in Russia
The company

The operations

Investing: Largest foreign investor in Russia
Background of BP
The most flexible fuel resource:

- Heat, transportation fuel, and electricity

- Daily activities

BP played an integral role in global oil industry
BP's industry:
Oil industry
•Where are they operating

•What type of international operations do they have

•Reasons for global expansion

•Types of international operations
Scope and reasons for international operations
In 2003 BP signed $6billion dollar contract with Russia’s TNK oil group.

It was a joint venture and both groups held 50% stakes in the new firm.
Strategic goals and entry modes

Licensing and franchising


Greenfield Venture
Alternative market entry modes
Problems and challenges
The company
- Founded as the Anglo Persian Oil Company by William Knox D’Arcy in 1909

- Leading international oil and gas companies

- Fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light,retail services and petrochemicals products
The operation
- 28,500 service stations

- BP Ultimate


- Over $87.7 million into CIP during 2004(Community Investment Programmes)

-BP Solar
Investing: Largest foreign investor in Russia
- Produce and exploring for oil and gas (blending, marketing, and selling fuels and lubricants)
- Environment and society
Enabled BP to enter Russia and explore its mass natural reserves.

Joint venture allowed them to enter Russia with reduced risk.

Also allowed them to maintain control over operations.
Disadvantages of joint venture included relying on TNK’s knowledge.

Also potential conflicts which did happen.
BP sold their share in BP-TNK and now holds a stake in Rosneft.
Created by:
YaNing Xu
Christian Bargholz
Sebastian Cale
Joe Costello
Chau Nguyen Ha

Price of oil

Exchange rate

Law and legislation barriers

Too many competitors
BP (2012). History of BP. Retrieved 25 October 2012, from http://www.bp.com/multipleimagesection.do?categoryId=2010123&contentId=7059226
Macdonald, K., 2012 'BP unveils new technology to boost oil production'. Retrieved URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-19497064 on Thursday 25th October 2012
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