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Tattoos In The Workplace

Title says it all.

matthew hardin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Tattoos In The Workplace

Tattoos in the Workplace
By: Matthew Hardin Tattoo Acceptance Depends on Job Type
Design and Other Jobs Suit and Tie Jobs
In design based jobs tattoos are more widely accepted because they are a form of expression and in some cases can be used to help promote the company.

In one case, Joe Duffy- CEO of Duffy & Partners, a design firm that does branding for companies such-as Coca Cola, hired a woman who included pictures of her tattoos in her portfolio.

Most white collar jobs have adopted dress codes in order to help combat the growing number of tattoos in the work place.

These employers tend to feel that tattoos or other body modifications can be distracting or hurt their business.

Dress Codes Dress codes follow a pretty straight-forward layout which is to best insure that employees look as professional as possible.

In regards to tattoos, there are a few topics covered:

Are they offensive?
Are they distracting? Getting Tattooed It feels good. It's a rush. Well, mine was. I was also topless in a room full of men when I got mine. LOL A girl on Yahoo! Answers. when i got mine it felt like a thousand scratchs on my back..then the pain started to feel hot like it some one was burning my back then about 15 minuties into it my back went numb from the pain. Another girl from Yahoo! Answers. In my personal opinion, it feels like hot razors, but yes there is also that rush. Different settings for different job affect the acceptance of tattoos. The job itself affects acceptance. How old the company is affects acceptance. A Brief History of Tattoos The word tattoo originates from the Tahitian "tatu" which means to mark something.

Tattoos have been a practice in many cultures throughout history.

Many cultures use them to represent marrital status, accomplishments, and membership.

Some native american tribes used them to ward off illnesses, and demons

Now they are also used in the same ways.

The Costco Case Due to body modifications Costco changed their dress code policy several times.

Costco asked one of their employees to take out facial piercings due to the new dress code. The employee refused saying that it was against their religion ( they belonged to the Church of Body Modification.) Costco offered compromises like putting a band-aid over the piercing or using clear piercings.

The employee refused so she was fired.

She then sued Costco saying they were discriminating against her religion.

The court ruled in favor of Costco because they felt that they were in reason and that Costco had been understanding.

Importance of Costco Case The case was important to the acceptance of tattoos in the workplace because although the employee lost, what was decided is that employers arent allowed to just fire or not hire someone because of body modifications.

They must give employees the chance to adhere to their rules and if the employee for some reason cannot, not chooses not to but cannot, then the employer must accomodate as well as possible. Advances Made In the past ten years, tattoos have became more acceptable in the working environment for many reasons:

Young talent.
Jobs need to be filled.
An overall acceptance of tattoos.
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