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Bucur Isabela running for VP OugoingGlobalPrograms - LCC profesional presentation

No description

Isa ..

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Bucur Isabela running for VP OugoingGlobalPrograms - LCC profesional presentation

VP OutgoingGlobalPrograms Professional Presentation Bucur Isabela AIESEC TEAMisoara Motivation I OGX
I AIESEC Timisoara
bringing AIESEC Timisoara International Internships to the next level
I like challenges
huge responsibility
desire to have impact
personal & professional development VISION Subprograms Internal
Recruitment eXchange
culture Branding & Marketing eXchange culture external
culture Subprobrams
Branding & Marketing - recruitment on SP
- brochure on SP
- clear promo materials for each SP
- massive online presence Internal Recruitment
Strong promotion in April for the summer peak
Monthly newsletter
R&R - attractive discounts Objectives LET'sGOeXchange ! # GCDP: 35
# GIP: 25
GI: 9
GE: 8
GM: 8
# of @ers going X : 20
GCDP: 13
GIP: 7 (4 Alumnis)
% of students who know about @X : 70
(27,86 % in present)
% of student who know about subprograms: 50
eXchange Award Develop, go exchange, apply your knowledge and have impact and an integrated experience!
Return with new perspectives... and CHANGE ! internal
culture events
OGP culture
eXchange MEC
internal newsletter
eXchange office
Best OGXer 2x/an – free
TL of the quarter – free
Member of the month – half
OGXers – 25 %
2nd X - half ongoing promo
capitalize on returnees
"happening now" testimonials
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