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Resumes 101: Common Resume Mistakes

No description

Justin Chin

on 24 December 2016

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Transcript of Resumes 101: Common Resume Mistakes

Lack of Proof Statements
Employers have 7-12 seconds to navigate your resume. They do not want lengthy examples--they want Proof Statements
Non-Standard Fonts and Colors
Photographs and Unprofessional Emails
Unclear Information
Objective Statements
“Objective: To obtain a position as a public relations specialist at an innovative and impactful company that utilizes my skills and experience”
Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
"As simple as they may be to avoid, spelling errors and typos are the most common mistakes we see in resumes. They're particularly damaging because they convey to potential employers that an applicant lacks attention to detail."

Resumes 101: Common Resume Mistakes
Employers Prefer
Employers Don't Prefer
Gives a wrong impression

of who you are now
Not related to the email

Does not give key information

to recognize you
Hiring Managers and Human Resource


applications and resumes with photos and unprofessional emails
Objective Statements are viewed as outdated and out-of-fashion: employers know why you are applying
Are these "Relevant Skills" for the position?
What professional positions did you hold?
What is your major and degree?
What did you accomplish on the job?
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