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Brine Shrimp pH Experiment

Bio Group 10

Sam S

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Brine Shrimp pH Experiment

Brine Shrimp pH Experiment
Asexual Reproduction; cysts
Sexual Reproduction in winter
Enzymes, better in pH of 8
Previously in pH 7
-brine shrimp
-2% marine saltwater
-baking soda
-tri-petri dish
-eye dropper
-litmus paper
-graduated cylinder
-2 Erlenmeyer flasks
-weigh boat
How do brine shrimp react to different levels of pH in 2% marine saltwater solutions?
If brine shrimp are exposed to 2% saltwater with a pH level lower or higher than 8, their activity rate will decrease.
Day 1
Day 2
By: Collin Hlinak, Sam Schoepp, and Jasmin Walters
1.) Place shrimp in pH 4, pH 7, and pH 11

2.) Leave over 24h period

3.) Observe periodically
Collin hard at work
Sam observing the shrimp
pH of 11
pH of 7
pH of 4
pH of 4
pH of 11
pH of 7
Section I: control
Regular, Steady Activity Rate
Total Death Count: 3/13
Section II: acidic solution
6/20 brine shrimp dead after 15m
20/20 shrimp dead after 9h 30m
Section III: basic solution
Regular, Steady activity rate Day 1
6/17 dead after 19h 30m
15/17 dead after full 24h
Better chance of survival in a neutral pH


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