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Civil War ABC Project

No description

Caleb Lachinski

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Civil War ABC Project

By: Caleb Lachinski A-Z Civil War Facts A F G Abraham Lincoln- President of the U.S during the
Civil War. Border States- Key states in the Civil War that
had slavery but were next to states without
slavery. Confederate States of America- Country formed
from seceded states. David Farragut- Union naval commander that
captured New Orleans. Emancipation Proclamation- Proclamation that
freed slaves in the rebel states. Ford's Theatre- Theatre in which Abraham
Lincoln was assassinated. George McClellan- Union commander of the
East. B C D E H Harper's Ferry- Federal arsenal in
Virginia raided by John Brown. I Ironclads- Warships covered in iron used
during the Civil War. J John Wilkes Booth- Confederate supporter that
assassinated Abraham Lincoln. K Kansas-Nebraska Act- Law passed in 1854 that
allowed the residents of Kansas and Nebraska to decide whether or not to allow slavery. L Lee, Robert E.- The Confederacy's
best general during the Civil War. M The Monitor- Famous Union ironclad
that battled the Merrimack. N The North- The area that wanted to abolish slavery. O Ohio River- River that divided the north and the South. P Popular Soveirgnty- Idea in which
residents in the state or area vote on key issues. Q Quote- "A house divided against itself cannot stand"
- Abraham Lincoln
June 16, 1858 R Republican Party- Political party formed in 1854 by opponents of slavery. S "Stonewall" Jackson- Nickname given to the Confederate general Thomas J. Jackson at Bull Run T Thirteenth Amendment- Constitutional amendment that ended slavery U Ulysses S. Grant- Union general who had won many battles in the West. V Siege of Vicksburg- The surrounding of Vicksburg, Mississippi by Union forces. W Walt Whitman- Famous poet that wrote about the Civil War. X X-ceptional Generals- The South had X-ceptional generals like, Robert E. Lee. Y Yankees- A nickname given to Union soldiers. Z Zero- The number of shots fired by Union Forces at Fort Sumter.
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