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Henry Grady & Tom Watson

No description

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Henry Grady & Tom Watson

Born as Edward Tomas Watson (Later renamed Tomas "Tom" Edward Watson
Born on September 5, 1856, on a plantation in Columbia County (the area today is part of McDuffie County),
He was the second of seven children
Parents were descendants of Quakers
In 1872 he entered Mercer University, but family finances allowed him to stay for only two years
His family lost their family plantation in 1873 amidst the general economic collapse
Began reading law while teaching school in Screven County and passed the Georgia bar in 1875
In 1877 he settled into a law practice in Thomson
Tom Watson's
Established a public hospital in Atlanta
Built the Henry Grady hotel
Henry Grady High School named in honor of him
The Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication created in honor of him (which was added as a class at UGA)
Planned the International Cotton Exposition (ICE)
Part owner and editor of the
Atlanta Constitution
Henry Grady & His Accomplishments
Henry Grady Video
Believed in a more industrialized "New South"
Wanted to get rid of agriculture and replace it with industry
Had more "Modern" views
Was very involved in a Democratic group called the "Atlanta Ring"
Grady & Politics
Born in 1850 in Athens GA
Gragduated from the University of Georgia (UGA)
Moved to Virginia and went to law school for two years
Moved back to GA to start work at the
Rome Currier

His writings then earned him a spot at the
Atlanta Constitution
Rose to one of the most prominent writers in the south
Henry Woodfin Grady's Background
Henry Grady & Tom Watson Pioneers of the Political South
Watson & Politics
Had more "Traditional" views for a south
Understood the values of the antebellum south
His rise to political power was trough the Farmer's Alliance
Although he never formally joined the Alliance
Was the leader of the Populist Party
Gained even more political power by championing small town farmers
This is a statue of Henry Grady in Atlanta
This is a portrait of Henry Grady that was used on the Atlanta Constitution
The picture shows the Henry Grady Hospital named in honor of him
This photograph depicts the luxurious now destroyed Henry Grady hotel that Henry himself designed and built
This picture shows the International Cotton exposition that Henry Grady was responsible for planning
This is an admission token to the International Cotton Exposition in Atlanta GA
This is an poster card that advertised Tomas E. Watson as the populist candidate for Vice President
This is a poster of Tom Watson when he was running for "President" of GA from the People's Party
The Populist Party
Made up mostly of poor people and farmers
The party had "Traditional" beliefs
Most important in 1892-96 and then rapidly disepated
They believed that someone should be poor if they are not working
"...Every dollar taken from industry without an equivalent is robbery"
Watson's Accomplishments
Ran for President of the United States in 1908
Was the leader of the populist party
In later years wrote a two volume history of France (1899)
Followed by a novel,Bethany:
A Story of the Old South
Also wrote numerous biographies on famous people like Napoleon & Thomas Jefferson
This is what the cover of Watson's Jefferson biography looked like
This is an actual copy of the first of two volumes Tom Watson published about France
How were Henry Grady & Tom Watson Alike & Different?
Both men had a huge impact on GA politics
However both men had very different views on the future of the south
The accomplishments of both are monumental; They both have left something for future people to benefit from
Both men grew up in GA however Henry Grady was raised by a very wealthy family and could afford to have a full education and Tom Watson could not
This drove Tom Watson to populism
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