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No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Divergent

by:Veronica Roth
Made by:James Rutherford Hr.7

One choice can transform your life in many different ways.
"'Beatrice,' she says,'under no circumstances should you share that information with anyone'"(Roth 22).
'I will delete the footage, but unless you want to wind up dead at the bottom of the chasm, you will figure out how to hide it during simulations'"(Roth 255)
"'Get your gun away from his head,' I say"(Roth 424).
Irony:One in which reality is opposite from what it seems.
There are five fractions Abnegation, Amity, Candor,Dauntless,and Erudite. Now Beatrice must choose which fraction to go to, but she is divergent. So she choices Dauntless and leaves her home.Now she has to learn how to fight and be brave. But when every thing is going good for her something bad happens a war breaks out between the fractions and Tobias her true love is taken and is brainwashed. Now she has to figure out how to save him and stop the war.
Text Evidence
"'Divergent rebels' Eric says, standing on one foot"(Roth 425).
Symbolism:A person, a place, an activity, or an object that stands for something beyond itself.
The author created surprise in the story by using irony because you don't expect the best ranked person to be attacked by lower ranks. No one did anything to stop it from happening.
She now knows that being divergent is very dangerous
and no one can find out.
She will never truly
belong to one fraction.
He has figured out that she is divergent and she learns she could wind up dead so she needs to lean how to hide it before anyone else knows.
She is now risking being killed because they now know that she is divergent because she was saving the person she loves instead of listing to orders.
"Surrounding his head is a halo of blood, and jutting between his clawing fingers is a silver knife handle"(Ruth 202).
This is an example of irony because he got ranked first and I expected everyone would be afraid of him but they where not.
" She looks over her shoulder like she expects someone to appear behind her... are called...divergent"(Roth 22).
Symbol is choose was a question mark.
This is an example of symbolism because divergent is undecided so I chose a question mark because its a mystery like what fraction she belongs too.
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