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Speech iBear Project

No description

Spencer Dirrig

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Speech iBear Project

PARENTS LOVE IT! The iBear Child's Toy of the Future You should invest in the iBear because:
- Combines child fun with advanced technology for learning

- Appealing to both parents and children

- Risk- free, as it is known that iBears are cheap to produce, but very profitable and popular! The iBear is a SAFE and PROFITABLE investment! GREAT FOR YOUNG MINDS! BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY! The Product Overview iBear Predicted Timeline Why is this THE BEST Teddy Bear on the market? The Combination of traditional toys and advanced technology! -Kids are more and more intelligent with technology -allows kids to experience new technology while still enjoying the cute, soft Teddy Bear! As you can see, children LOVE the combination of technology and cuteness! "The iBear is the next big thing!"
-Time magazine Popular with the kids AND the parents! Great cute fun, with the benefit of technology and a great price ALL IN ONE!!! With your financial investment, iBear will immediately go into the beginning stages of production! 2013 The development stage will commence with the production design taking place as well putting a sales and production team in place. Production will begin in factories in Columbus, New York, Washington DC, St. Paul and Austin 2014 2015 TODAY The iBear will hit the market! Let the $$ start flowing!! KIDS DO TOO! Sells For an affordable $199.99!!
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