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RESPONDER Finance System Map

No description

Chris Hewett

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of RESPONDER Finance System Map

Goods and services
Investment funds
& pensions
Housing costs
Lending for property
Financial transactions
High Frequency Trading
Hedge Funds
Mortgage backed securities
Consumer spending
business lending
equity & bonds
Green economy
long term saving
job creation
Policies to encourage green investment
"Long, loud & legal" policy framework
State banks co-investing with private capital
Tax incentives
Better valuation of environmental risks and ecosystem services in market
Policies to encourage long term finance
Financial Transaction Tax
Tax breaks for long term investing
Enforcing fiduciary duty over long term, short term
Sustainable monetary policies
Credit guidance to control asset bubbles
'Green' Quantitative Easing
Secondary markets
investment banking
Sustainability in Banking Reform
Include ecological factors in risk based weighting
Require greater transparency and diversity in banking sector
Remove 'too big to fail' subsidies
Link energy efficiency investment to mortgage lending
Reducing energy costs of housing
Simpler licences for small, local and 'values' banks
Increasing levels of sustainable lending to the real economy
State banks (EIB, EBRD) to divest from fossil fuels
Incentives for green bonds
Financial risks of 'carbon bubble' factored into credit rating
Speculative capital flows out of fossil fuel extraction
Monetary policy factors systemic risk of carbon bubble
Guidance on mortgage lending encouraging efficiency investment
Fair regulation and taxation for crowdfunding and P2P lending
Transparent funding of sustainable economy via crowdfunding, peer to peer lending and community ownership
Interest & return on equity
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