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ORB presentation

Nicky Pettersen

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Crank

Crank Ellen Hopkins Characters Literary Devices “Have you ever had so much to say that your mouth closed up tight struggling to harness the nuclear force coalescing within your words? Have you ever had so many thoughts churning inside you that you didn’t dare let them escape in case they blew you wide open? Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you?” (269).
Sample Passage This book is a fantastic book but may not be for all people. Ellen Hopkins writes about topics that may be hard to comprehend or read for some people. She also writes all her novels in verses and concrete poems and this can be difficult to adjust to for many people. If you find the story intriguing enough, you'll easily adjust to her unique writing style and end up reading all of her books numerous times. Recommendation Crank reveals the story of a highschooler named Kristina who, after a three week visit with her drug addicted dad, transforms into a complete 360 version of herself named Bree. During the visit with her dad, she meets a boy named Adam, tries crank for the first time, and falls in love as well as become addicted. When she arrives back home, she tries to hide who she's become from her family but her actions aren't ones that are easy to hide, let alone ignore. She ditches her old friends and makes new ones who are apart of her new crowd now. Throughout the story we follow her spiral downhill and go through all the painful experiences and consequences that come with being Bree. Summary Kristina
Kristina is a straight A, straight arrow, family oriented girl, and she's every parents dream. Her self esteem isn't very high and she is constantly battling with herself and her want to be someone else. She knows she has to fight Bree and everything she is doing, but she the allure of a new exciting life is too tempting, so she gives in to the monster and lets Bree take over. Bree
Bree is trouble. She knows how to manipulate people in order to get what she wants and her needs come before anyone elses. A party animal is a light term to describe her. She never thinks before she acts, she only believes in playing games with people and winning those games. Her love for the high she gets from crank and how powerful she feels when she's high is the only thing she cares about. Adam/Buddy
Adam is Bree/Kristina's first love. Adam introduced Kristina to the monster and forever vowed to love her. He lives in Arizona and is neighbors with Kristina's dad. When Kristina leaves and goes back home, Buddy and Kristina stay in touch. He says they should see other people but he still loves her deeply. Since they are so far away from each other, they aren't as big of a part of each others lives, but through everything they still stay true to the vow they made to love one another forever. Brendan
Brenden is the tan, dirty blond, pearl white cookie cutter teeth, sculpted lifeguard type Bree was attracted too. The type of guy Kristina would never approach, let alone look at, knowing she wouldn't have a chance with him. Brenden has the perfect image and that hides his terrible core. He eventually leaves Kristina and she is left with the problems he gave her. Chase
Chase is the first guy to come into Kristina's life after she comes home from the visit from her father's. Of course, Bree is the one who sought out Chase because he's known around town as the notorious bad boy who parties too hard. But unlike Brenden, he cares for Kristina and he never lets his love for crank get in the way of his love for her. He watches over her and they fall in love quickly, and when he goes off to college they stay in touch and he still tries to maintain their relationship. 1. Personifacation- " I unlocked my heart, let the hurt out" (97). 2. Imagery- "Some came substance shopping, disappearing into back rooms and bathrooms,returning red-eyed and crusty-nosed, coughing and sniffling, too mellow or very, very wound up" (66). 4. Personifacation- "Her smiled dissolved, ghostlike" (186). 3. Foreshadowing- "I thought I knew the way home but it all looked different, covered in night, and the buzzing in my brain put this sparkling in my eyes" (110). 5. Repitition- "Parental concern might suffocate you, might confuse you, might make you yell" (382). I classify this good writing because the author's use of a wide variety of literary devices and the way she relates with the reader. She writes about topics that may be hard to talk about for some people, but the way Hopkins writes makes you feel what she is saying and step in whoever's shoes she wants you to step in.
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