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No description

Serenitie Decos

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of bulling

all over the world
Bullying is a type of being mean but worse.
It not fun to be bullied at all. So if your bullied talk to an adult so that they
can help you.
What Is Bullying?
Unfare match.
unfare match is when some one is
eathier if some one is scared and the other person is not.
Harm is if some one is getting punched,
harmful texts.
Examples Of Bullying
1. You can stop bullying by talking to your principal and making a poster
and putting it in front of your school.
2. Also you can stop bullying by playing
with those that are not being played
3. Also you can tell your teacher that you are being bulled and they will stop
How To Stop It
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