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10 Ways To Be Invloved

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Sophia Lovenduski

on 21 November 2017

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Transcript of 10 Ways To Be Invloved

1 of 10 Ways You Can Be Invloved In World-Changing Activities.
You can create a petition to alter people's minds and change the world in some major way.
Connect with other people that have the same views as you do. In this way, you can form a way to create a change together.
Another thing you can do, is to speak up and take action. With no one doing this, the world will continue to be the rotten way it is.
Set up online and real world advertisements. Create an intriguing poster or a flyer that is begging for sympathy.
The last thing you can do is be active about it. Sitting on your couch and signing a petition online will only make a small difference compares to actually getting invloved and being active.
To see a change, you have to be apart of it. Sign a petition to join a group of people with the same mindset.
Help other people with their campaigns or efforts to change the world.
10 Ways To Be Involved
With world changing activities
The fifth thing you can do is to complain, and stand up to what is not right
Create a blog for people to read so that they might change you mind to be in likeness with your opinion.
Another thing you can do is campaign. Campaining shows your support of a concept or an idea to a group of people with authority.
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