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Costa Rica

No description

Courtney Powell

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The capital of Costa Rica is
By: Brandon Kingrey & Courtney Powell
Costa Rica
Population as of 2013 was
4.7 million

empanadas- a cheese and bean turnover

tamales- pork wrapped in banana leaves with patatoes
The size if Costa Rica is:
19, 740 sq. miles

bean stuffed bell peppers- peppers stuffed with pork, beans, tomato and onions

escabeche de pollo- seasoned fried drumsticks

lomo de res- tender seasoned garlic peppered steaks

arroz guacho- short pork ribs in a sticky rice served with vegetables

So many different kinds of celebrations!! Heres a few.
-Fiest Palamanes -Fiesta Tanazu
-Ash wednesday
-dia de san jose


frijoles molidos- creamy beans served best with your favorite dish

black bean soup- a simple black bean soup

salsa de dona elvia - a typical costa rican salsa thats lively with flavors

patacones- fried green plantanes

bolitas de coco- coconut balls

budin- a sweet bread pudding
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