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No description

Mallory Tehako

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Myths

Characteristics of myths
Creation Stories - How things were made
Answer questions about the world and gives explanations
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Greek Gods
Zeus- Ruler of all gods and men
Hera- Wife of Zeus, Queen of the gods
Poseidon - God of the seas
Hades - Ruler of the land of the dead
Apollo- God of the sun (light), reason, prophecy, music, and archery
Ares- God of war
the stars or earth were created, why
elephants have trunks)

2.to try to understand why things came
to be (why people fall in love why there is evil in the world)
Read Myth Example
Write your own myth!
Use the outline to help you write your own myth!

Demeter- Goddess of grain, Earth, and Harvest
Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty
Athena- Goddess of wisdom
Myths have at least two purposes:
1.to explain the unexplainable (how
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