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Clark Green Biz

No description

Peter DuBois

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Clark Green Biz

Green Business Showcase
My Responsibilities
Monthly Google Analytics KPI Report
Microsite requests from markets
Delivery of post launch materials
Founding Members
2012 Members
Hoesly Eco Automotive
Hilton Vancouver Washington
Vance Family Soy Candles
Cadet Manufacturing Company
Offers a charging station for electric vehicles that is open to the public at no cost
Was the first auto business in Washington State to offer lead free wheel weights
Made landscaping changes to conserve water
Participates in CPU Green Lights at the 100% level
Re-lamped the building to double the amount of lighting while reducing energy
Uses an efficient irrigation system that reduces water use by 50%
Features local native plants that need little water
Has turned 400,000 pounds of food waste into compost
Uses biodegradable, non-toxic, non-phosphate cleaning chemicals and organic grounds keeping chemicals
Prepares and serves a monthly dinner at the Share House
Uses 100% recycled, unbleached paper for labels, boxes and packing
Unlike most candle makers, uses no synthetic fragrances and only GMO-free soy
Uses no toxic dyes, plastics, synthetics or petroleum products
Donates at least 10% of profits to those in need as well as products to help non profits raise funds
Briz Loan and Guitar
Weather stripping was added to the front door to save energy
Participate in NW Natural Smart Energy program to offset carbon emissions from natural gas use on a monthly basis
Employees walk or ride bikes to work, especially in the summer months
Entek Corporation
Landscape Management & Services
Eliminated the use of caseron, a toxic pre-emergent, and replaced it with mechanical weed removal
Has a low-flow toilet to save water
Donates more than 400 employee hours to community projects
Sterling Bank - Cascade Park East Branch

Decreased the amount of garbage generated by 30%, reducing the garbage bill by $400 annually
Used those savings to support being a Green Lights member
Recycles copy paper and purchases 100% post-consumer recycled content paper
Decreased electricity use by shutting down office equipment during non-business hours
Sustainable Wealth Management
Offers socially responsible investment portfolios

Always looking for ways to conserve energy - indoor lights are always shut off when a room isn't occupied.

Adjusted water heater settings and programmable thermostat settings to save energy (and money)
Tetra Pak Materials
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified
Eliminated or replaced all tri-chlorinated solvents with greener products
Replaced metal halide lighting and retrofitted their facility with motion sensors and efficient lighting
Supported 230 hours of employee community service on paid time
The Mighty Bowl
•Is generating almost no waste. Everything left over feeds people, animals or the commercial compost pile in that order
•Put new messages for stormwater protection on the truck
•Uses whole food ingredients with no artificial chemicals, preservatives or food dyes
Vancouver Food Co-op
Wafer Tech
Reduced hazardous waste to landfill by 77% by switching their focus from disposal to reuse
On-site de-ionization plant allows for the reuse of 50% of their water supply
Awarded 2 college scholarships in the Evergreen School District
Waste Connections Eastridge
•Collects chip bags and coffee bags from employees for reuse by a local artist
•Computers are turned off at night
•Managers take turns volunteering for Meals on Wheels
•Green bucks program rewards employees who are seen doing something green – turning off a computer monitor, biking to work, etc. Green bucks earned can be exchanged for prizes
•Separated their operations into 2 zones to reduce heating and cooling
•Installed T5 lighting and motion sensors
•Is a partner on the Planet Clark Emerald House providing the heating and cooling system
Program Partners
Composts all food scraps
Partners with local high schools to feature student art during First Friday Art Walk
Trains employees and volunteers about recycling, including film plastics
Cleans with green cleaning products
Dental Designs
Uses digital x-rays to save resources and eliminate hazardous materials
Removes amalgam fillings, safely capturing mercury content
Set a goal to reduce their energy use by 5% this year
Member of the Green Manufacturers Network, has won multiple awards for their Lean, sustainability and continuous improvement initiatives
Reduced landfill waste by 75% over the last 5 years
Decreased paper purchases by 45%
Packages product with recyclable cardboard and shredded paper
Switched products to ECO-Black Tex(r) paint, which is 70% recycled materials
Upgraded lighting systems to high-efficiency fluorescents
Cadet Manufacturing
Quail Homes
Presents each Saturday on 1550 AM “Green Building with Jon Girod”
Homes are built to a minimum standard of EARTH ADVANTAGE PLATINUM, the highest standard available
Awarded the first-ever Green Builder of the Year award from The Earth Advantage Institute is partnering with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity and Clark County to build an Emerald NAHB-certified home
Event Sponsors
Purchasing Policy
Significant Cost Savings
Business Showcase
Green Teams
Zero Waste
Eliminating Toxics
Everyone get your raffle ticket
Great prizes!
Thank you
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