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Preliminary results of a study that aims to study how the priming of soil organic matter decomposition by litter leachate inputs might explain carbon loss in harvested mineral soils

Carrie-Ellen Gabriel

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Theme 1
Environmental Education for Sustainability

Experiential education
School-community links
Sustainable economies
Engaged citizens

Environmental monitoring/citizen science
Data collection and synthesis
Using mobile technology and social media to enhance learning

Involve student teachers in this process and develop resources and offer professional development opportunities to teachers

Theme 2
Sustainability of managed forest ecosystems

We must improve our understanding of how our actions alter carbon cycling and the release of chemicals that can alter health.
Research Plan
Earth Systems
Understanding how the Earth system works is essential for making informed decisions about how to manage, protect, and sustain our planet and its natural resources.

We require interdisciplinary thinking that crosses traditional boundaries.
Beauty Patterns Joy Spirit
Environmental Education for Sustainability

Environmental Degradation
Economic, political discourse natural "resources"
Sustainability Education
Carrie-Ellen Gabriel
Clearcutting in Nova Scotia
“The Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

Chief Seattle
Earth is a holistic system of dynamic interacting components.

Sydney Steel Corporation
Tar Ponds
Education for Sustainable Development

Decade of sustainability (2005-2014)
Scientific method

Factory model

Organized, methodical way of understanding
What we require is a paradigm shift in teaching and learning.
Paradigm shift: new ways of thinking, learning, teaching that focus on the relationships among concepts

Students would evolve being taught in a multi-disciplinary and critical context, with a focus on work that is:


Climate change
the way forward...
Contribute to local efforts to enhance environmental literacy
Baille Ard Trail
ACAP Cape Breton's
Outdoor Learning Centre

Arisaig Provincial Park Field Guide and
Ecological Restoration Project

Clearcutting results in the loss of carbon from soil, and is especially significant in the deeper mineral soil, previously assumed to be stable.

This loss arises from a combination fo several factors that change following clearcutting, and carbon is lost to both streams (dissolved) and to the air as enhanced CO2 emissions.
B.Ed., Ph.D.(cand.) Earth Sciences
September 2014
January 2015
July 2015
May 2015
July 2014
Phase 1 (May-July, 2014)
Determine community and schools' needs and resources
Develop formal proposal
Phase 2 (July-Sept., 2014)
Write proposals for funding
ID pilot phase schools and teachers
Recruit student teachers, community members/resources and CBU faculty and staff

Phase 3 (Sept., 2014 - Jan., 2015)
Acquire equipment and test technology
Develop curriculum/lesson plans
Phase 4 (Jan. - May, 2015)
Project detail finalization
Website deployment and data display
Phase 4 (May - July, 2015)
Continuation of pilot project
Synthesis, reflect on practice
Website - content and data display
Develop professional development materials
Allow for the establishment of powerful data sets - connect students' work across space and time

"Wildnet" - connected intranet - wireless sensor network

Outfit an outdoor learning space with sensors including weather station; students contribute to content sing handheld devices, application; upload photos, observations

Partner with pre-existing projects (Ex. GLOBE)

Design project with attention to scientific rigour.
New Media Technologies
Sampled mineral soil from Mature and Disturbed sites (35 and 110 yrs since cut) through depth
Mineral soils
More soil organic matter has been destabilized in disturbed soils from the B horizon, but the Ae horizon in this site has higher exchangeable carbon.
Litter extract stimulates decomposition in Ae.
Bf horizon decomposition is accelerated by rewetting and glucose.
Low decomposition rates in deepest soil (BC), stimulated in young site by rewetting and glucose.
Developed technical expertise in ecological sampling; soil, air, gas analysis; preparing publications and data analysis.

Potential to contribute to large inter-departmental collaborative environmental projects at CBU
Verschuren Centre for Sustainability

Clearcutting alters soil biogeochemical processes in soil, thereby reducing carbon dynamics and storage. We must adopt more sustainable practices to ensure a vibrant agroforestry industry in Nova Scotia.
handheld devices, geo-spatial data, social media
Thanks for your attention. Any questions?
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