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Sierra leone

No description

Jürgen Lasinger

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Sierra leone

SIERRA LEONE Unity, Freedom, Justice Background Information Population : 5,485,998 Capital : Freetown Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean Bordering Countries:
•Guinea on the North
•Liberia on the South Total Area : 71,740 km2 The Civil War 23 March 1991 – 18 January 2002 Casualties and Losses
Upwards of 50,000 Sierra Leoneans
2.5 Million displaced internally and externally Revolutionary United Force (RUF) Torture - Killed, Injured, Kidnapped, Raped, Recruited Child Soliders, etc. THANKS FOR YOUR
ATTENTION!! President: Ernest Bai Koroma What do you think, what was the reason for the civil war? religious discrepancies?



diamonds? - 50.000 lost their lives
- more than 2 million people were displaced
- number of mutilated humans --> unknown Child labour

- kidnapped and forced to work
- prohibited by law
- exact number is not known
- daily wage 15 - 60 U.S. cents 1462 Education: - legally required
- 2/3 illiterate

Religion: - Islamists = majority
- 20 % practice a mixture
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