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From Hunan Normal University to Southern Utah University

No description

Javid Coh

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of From Hunan Normal University to Southern Utah University

From Hunan Normal University to Southern Utah University
- David Cowley
I expect my visit to the United States
to be an eye-opening experience. I am excited
to learn about the academic system of the U.S., and observe many types of classes and cultural practices.
I have many goals to accomplish along the way:

Goal 1 - Improve my English!

- I will talk to everyone I meet. I will make sure not to spend too much time talking in Chinese to the others in my group. I know the key is...



Goal 2 - find out if I'm interested in studying abroad

- This is a great chance to learn about how
the academic systems in other countries work. I know some of the differences, but I'm sure there are so many I haven't figured out yet!

I plan on asking many questions, to the professors I observe, to the program instructors, and to the students. I will write down what I learn, to remember it.
Goal 3 - Really get to know the culture

In the U.S., I will have the opportunity to talk to a lot of people. I will get to learn from experience how normal people in the U.S. actually live. I bet it's very different from what I see on TV!

I will make sure to participate fully in every activity.
Goal 4 - Record my experience

I want to be able to remember the things I learn, and share them with my family and friends when I get back home.
I plan to take lots of pictures, and write down all the important things that happen in a special journal I will bring to the U.S. with me.
Goal 5 - Make connections

I hope I can make many new friends through this experience. International connections are important in this global world!
The End
Thanks for watching!
This is going to be great!
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