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Student Conference


Stephen Niven

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Student Conference

Student Conference
By Stephen Niven Language Arts Writing Math Progress This Year Science Social Studies In math I think I have done very good. I think this because mostly
the teacher and I both
agree that I find it very hard
to focus at the end of the day
so I don't deserve an
outstanding, but certainly try so
I deserve this. One strategy I learned in math was
scientific notation. One thing I enjoyed in
math this year was the
the games the class played
when we got finished early. Something I found difficult
in math this year was dividing
fractions. My goal for the last trimester
is to focus on task at hand at math.
I plan to achieve by listening to the
teacher In Social Studies I think I have done good.
I think this because some things were hard
so I didn't really get much done , but I certainly work hard so I at least should get this grade. One thing I've accomplished
in Social Studies this year that I
want to share with you is the
Revolutionary War comic.
Here it is! In science I think I have
done very good. I think this because
though I had little
problems, there were
a lot of fun activities too. One thing I've accomplished
in science this year that I want
to share with you is the floating
and sinking project. In Language Arts I think
I have done very good. I think this because I have been
enjoying the activities, plus I get to
read. One book I enjoyed in
Language Arts this year
was ''The Lightning Thief'' I liked this book because
it has a lot of action. One strategy I learned
to make me a better
reader was if I was stuck
on a word I would use the
dictionary. I have to say that yes
I have improved my reading,
because I've read different books
with genres I've never even heard of. My goal for the last
trimester is to get my
work done, that is also
my goal in middle school.
I plan to achieve it by showing
effort. This year I have written many different
writing pieces. My favorite type of writing
to do is narritive writing because it tells the
reader about your own life. If I had to give someone
advice on how to be a
good writer it would be
always show effort when
writing a story. The writing piece I would
like to share with you is
my substitute persuasion
document. We had to explain to
Mrs. Fagan why we
would be a good
substitute. I choose to share this
piece with you because
it's my best so far. My last
trimester goal is to publish
one of my writing pieces. My social and work habits this
year have been very good. The
reason for this is that from my
report card I seem to be improving. To be the best student I
can be I know I need to
finish work and show
effort. To prepare for middle
school I need to use my
K-5 skills to help me. Overall my reflection
of 5th grade has been
wonderful. Thank You for your time
and I hope you think my
presentation was entertaining. It's about the Revolutionary War
and what happened
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